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Iron Will, Faith & Discipline

Long neglected, the west continues its miserable decline into absolute failure. Will we ever rise to rule ourselves again? What is our ability to organize ourselves and form a collective force, a social force, an Iron Will able to conquest back our nations from the disorientated weakness of convenience?

What is needed is organization, strict organization with hierarchies, you and everyone you know, find yourself amongst everyone and get to where you need to be to make things happen. Each individual has a set of genetics they are born with; see this through your mind that we must harness ourselves toward greatness what our potential has given us.

As we age, we lie having never discovered our true potential – the point of youth is for reckless competition, warlike denial of your weakness, to find and overcome your limits; modern society lacks this – and beneficial to big business a horde of confused individuals, not knowing themselves nor their enemy, fade out of existence unfulfilled having lost all their wealth to the soul sucking parasite that modern economics is.

Those who are aware – fight the impossible, challenge the world, overcome yourself and your immediate environment. Faith begins within yourself, and nothing can destroy it except yourself.

Change begins within the core of the self – like a dynamo, the churning of thoughts should supposedly contradict, yet that contradiction increases the viscosity of that stone you call a soul, amplifying itself into a veil of power about your vicinity.

The herd of the Hive-mind lacks faith in itself and froths and clamours externally to make it appear as if it is much bigger than it actually is, bubbles on a wave. Finding strength within is to increase the flow of your will, for no wave can exist if there is not a point able to transmit this. Once you create that wave, it becomes easier for others to follow in your lead. You must be as a stone onto eggs, the hollowness of others breaking against the iron of your discipline, of your will power.

These hollow shells of individuals, carry about them a colourful film of symbolisation and fake justifications for inaction, met with the Iron edge of your will, bursts into disarray. Deception is the key to victory; the common herd do this as they pretend they have strength – where honesty lacks, appearance is the illusion; they create bubbles of air and noise as if they actually mean something – do you want to clamour around and pretend that you mean something? Or do you actually want to mean something?

The journey to recovering our nations from the claw of insect traitors starts at home – they want you to give up and ignore the real treasures in life so that they can continue being weak, trying to feel all powerful about themselves – don’t let these fuckers get away with it, keep fighting unto your last breathe – and even when they force you into a bad situation, have faith in yourself, chin up and fight it through – cowards whimper out of existence, and end their miserable life in shame having never fought anything. What glory is in their name?

Iron Will

Individuals, individually are weak – through popular atheism our liberal leaders are crushing the spirit of the west and pursuing hedonism, ecocide, mediocrity, multiculturalism and its commercial convenience. Honestly, why would any intelligent individual want to become part of a failing spirit? Is not a will power a derivative of a belief in something greater than yourselves individually? Yes it is.

Will power, used precisely and adequately is known as Iron Will; the ability to achieve the impossible through a sharp edge. No matter how much iron you have in you, what good is that if it is not blasted with the furnace of action? Not fashioned into a sharpened blade? If your will is not a blade but a lump of earth with no guiding hand other than yourself as a rock? Collectively then, with your community, the individuals can harness that earth and blast that iron within that rock and create something powerful.

Is it not the iron will of the Earth that keeps it alive? If there was none, how could life survive on our world? Blasted with radiation from the hostilities of a void, creating a cancer of existence, mutated beyond control, dead.

If it lost the faith in the dynamo and solidified, turned to cold rock instead of molten iron, then the oceans would have boiled away and left the land dry, exhausted, and extremely marginalised and deserted – it is the magnetosphere that shields life from the blast of the Sun.


Many hate faith, the people say ‘faith is dogma, it is indoctrination, it has no evidence!’ – But being honest with ourselves, why would you need evidence to believe in yourself? Are you that weak that you need authority figures to give you ‘evidence’ through your TV’s to believe in yourselves?

What of your future, do you have faith that a better future is possible? Or do you say ‘Oh well, there’s no evidence for the future, therefore I don’t believe in it’. Those who have no faith in themselves to achieve a greater future are weak, traitors to themselves and to their people; the passive atheist denies any claim to faith as it has no evidence, therefore killing the future.

A belief in your race allows you to stay in the race for existence – if you, like a coward, destroy the collective will power driven by a faith in a future for your descendants, you kill your reproduction and depression sets in as nothing is left to transcend the individual and their insect needs.

Faith in God needs to be reintroduced with an Iron-like fascism – there is every reason to believe in ourselves, any who want to destroy us for individual petty desires is going to drive us toward extinction, we need to protect our Earth and this is the route.

‘Ohh ohh, but God doesn’t exist!’ – Neither do you, then – if you destroy God you destroy the socialization of your civilization – the socialization, the collective, the community – it is a super organism, an anthropomorphic deity, much as the mind is between neurons, God is between life. What is a friendship? where is a value? where is a hope? Where is the evidence for these things – why can’t I put it in the lab and test it? Because it is within and throughout the individual it has no substance that you may domesticate.

Only indirectly can you perceive these things. Much as the surface of water, between two boundaries of geology, is the driving force of evolution; the sky and the sea mix to create waves, foam, boundaries of reality – this drives the waves across the land and mixes the algorithms that give rise to live. So too is our existence on Earth, a boundary of reality between the fact and the cosmos beyond us, the faith that throws facts into the sky and drives a storm across the dry lands, unleashing a downpour of water creating the forest.


We shape the environment as a civil species, and that environment shapes us. When we become lazy and decadent, we drop dead in a mental sludge of depression and inaction and recreate this misery in mediocre culture and terraced prisons – it’s a curse, placed by your tainted, ill-created, soul leeching environment, and why I use these words to describe it? Because it’s certainly not healthy for your mind.

What you may do about this is to keep your land clean and tidy, and prevent yourself from surrogates. Surrogates drain your will power and waste your time, and in life, time is life – every second you waste is another you will regret having lost. Controlling the fate of civilization is no different than controlling the fate of your house, if it falls into mess and comforts, so does your mind – its called a box for a reason, so think outside of it.

Routines are necessary, maintaining good standards of living, never allowing yourself to give up. When you are able to manage yourself, then you may manage others through your excess ability – and that is a great leader, we need leaders in our society that are willing to go beyond the crowd and their short term comforts to ensure that we have a future, and having a routine about how to live is the most important step of all.

Through you, the environment is shaped; if only by others, you will be excluded and left out – but joining and co-operating and much can be made with less time wasted and communal socialization to reinforce the faith in yourselves, your friends and your abilities to change the course of the world.

Localization away from multicultural toilets is a definite, this must happen for the most poisoned environments, generate enough spirit within yourself to get away from parasites, mimic them to get you some space – they appear to be big, you appear to be big even if you are not, get enough space around you to find and form a community able to deny the waves that are to come.

Back in The Hierarchy of Economics, toward the end was the hint of creating a corporation, a communal corporation through the discipline of its individuals, an organic society in other words – this is the only way you are going to ensure a decent standard of living, because the wealth has been leeched out of our nations, new wealth must be created and this thing must be built of Iron and fortified within your faith; that a better life is possible and we cripple all extinction and death threats trying to save it.

The failure of White Nationalists

In the Occident, many active intellectuals prefer to detach themselves from the herd and radicalize, counter-productively rather than productively – this is a waste of your energy, man the life boats with the best – throw out the rest who are not being productive. It’s one of those sink or swim moments, you either drown in stupidity or emerge above the surface of that faceless ocean, and if need be, cut the hands off of those who are deliberately trying to smother it, sinking it, because they’re too insecure about themselves, too drunk on their false comforts.

Be buoyant of the ocean, be in balance, for you are submerged by a wave of idiocracy. Sometimes your will power must be like a blade of iron and yet others a life boat of metal, floating and crashing through the waves, even rotating like the propeller and rising yourself into the sky, beyond the drowning waves.

The willpower must be fashioned and adapted toward your situation, be wise, find your strength and amplify it – think productively, what example can I set for these people? What is my true potential? Find it – use it, if you can manage one (yourself) you can manage a thousand – Don’t be a coward and let those traitorous underlings of the hive-mind take advantage of your extremity.

Most individuals with these marginalised ideologies are being repressively forced into the background noise, have become so because they lack discipline and belief in that which creates adaptation and Iron Will, how can they create a wave without any point?

In addition, reforming Christianity is a must towards this and forging common ground from which all of the Occident can uphold, free from pity – the doctrine of God through ourselves, honouring self sacrifice for the future of the Earth and its people.

God as the collective will power, channeled through all individuals who fight towards a common goal and resonating individual will power creating higher waves with minimal energy, Iron faith in our own will power through the strengthening of the whole.

Appearance is something, and using this to our advantage it can appear as everything – it’s used against you (NWO, anyone?) now, like the light of the Moon, reflect that light from the cosmos onto the world of night and make them see – like moths to the flame, potentials die in the flaming rants of disorganization; extinguish it and create organization, then they will follow the Moon, something beyond their world – as it should be.

Life, deceptive as it is, is about being drunk on certain things and sobriety for those areas which result in death. Now everything may result in death, it is inevitable, therefore prioritise that which is essential from the mediocre and uphold sobriety free from alcohol and drugs to deny it.

If they are drunk everywhere they are released everywhere, if they are sober everywhere, they are disciplined everywhere – humans have their limits however; they are not robots, hardly any can reach that 100% sobriety, but by being drunk on strength, like the dynamo of a faith, covers the weakness in a veil of power allowing strange chemistry to create the impossible, turning ugliness into beauty – we prefer adaptive viewpoints able to create the greatest outcome from our position.

And one last thing, appreciate good language and respect for individual differences, symbolising groups against the wave is a route to drowning. Some white nationalists “WRITE IN CAPITALS, ADN MOAN ABOUT YU FKING JEWS” – Most don’t care about jews and neither should you because you lack any influence to do so, they’re just living their life, so start living your life, discipline yourself and set examples – make the most of it while you still can.

Surrogating amongst yourselves is NOT an option, evolution is constant and inequality everywhere through every caste, find the best in every individual and allow them to amplify strength – respect each other and potential outcomes and adapt toward them.

It’s effective not to pin-point groups as if they are individuals; find an ideal instead and through this those who are productive will help you followed by The People, we’re fighting corruption and rebirthing tradition – anything else is suicide and passes with the wave.

Find your faith to fortify your discipline, then make a difference.

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