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Why cultural morality is better than governmental morality

In our busy modern world, we have a tendency to try to handle problems through centralized authorities. As with all things, sometimes that method is the best. With the rise of Libertarianism in America (as Plato predicted would happen at this point in a civilization’s life cycle), we see another method of ruling: letting a […]

Is the Tea Party racist? Why it doesn’t matter.

The left is obsessed with the alleged racism of the Tea Party. What’s more likely is that it’s opposition to replacing the middle class with imported voters and, in turn, a defense of the most vital founding principle of the middle class. Is the Tea Party racist? Some scholar who’s very aware that there’s an […]

On interface layers and our perfect inequality

A couple months ago, on one of our affiliated discussion domains, an interesting dialogue took place. The discussion topic was inspired by an essay by Vijay Prozak at the domain titled Oncology. I’ll repost my “Plato” part from the topical disussion as follows: Months ago, there was a blog published at the Archdruid Report (The […]

I value citizenship

American citizenship used to mean something. We live under a federal government that was designed in a very interesting and distinct way: certain functions were centralized, but many were given to the responsibility of the individual states. The way this country was colonized and eventually taken over, and due to its sheer size, each state […]

Interview with Vijay Prozak

An interview with an esoteric philosopher…

Denial of reality

We live in a social reality. In addition to physical reality, we have to make sure our friends, neighbors, co-workers and service providers like us. To that end, we tend to repeat memes of “truth” about our world that they like. Even if we don’t mean to, we pass these memes on as conversation. This […]

Why New Right? Part Two

Part Two in the Why New Right? series highlights the ideal and necessity aspects of a return to localized sustainability against our overextended globalization age.

The meaningless life of a pet

Everywhere in modern civilization we find our societies getting drunk on all kinds of useless freedoms; one of the most useless is that of owning pets which neatly follows from the undeniable ‘human rights’. The reason why many people buy pets these days may be familiar to what Ted Kackzynski called the power process. In this it […]

Excluded middles

“Stepford wife” as an epithet uses a category as an insult, referring to the movie of the same name from the 1970s. This film preyed on many of the fears of people in that time. In an age of suburbs and mass-produced products, and relatively massive conformity driven by the leftover economic inertia from WWII, […]

All the broken people

Voyeurism is prevalent in our society – in fact, it’s accepted. Where Dear Abby used to be the indulgence of bored housewives, things like Love Letters and similar blogs give people a view into the lives of their neighbors. It’s interesting reading into the relationship issues some people have – many are valid problems that […]

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