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Employment as contract

As time has gone on, our culture has changed to an adversarial one between employer and employee, where people are either “tools” who exhibit sycophantic self-abuse, or surly, grudging “workers” who secretly conspire against their consumerist capitalist feudal overlords. In my view, the one good thing that came out of the dotcom boom — if […]

Solipsism and inversion

In our modern time, we like to show how enlightened we are and talk about “big concepts” like relativity — as long as they confirm our viewpoints, and let us go back to doing whatever it is we do in our personal sphere. For all our blather about relativity, we don’t understand that we are […]

Forest Poetry: Collected Writings

On the Virtue of Prayer Mysticism is often regarded as pure metaphysical speculation without any possibility of experience beyond the constitution of the mind. This misconception arises from lack of real experimentation among those who would make such a judgment, who in consequence judge mysticism only as a group of philosophical assumptions. Metaphysical theory, although […]

Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue, by Paul Woodruff

Reverence: Renewing a Forgotten Virtue by Paul Woodruff. 183 pages, Oxford University Press, $11 This little book wins people over because of its simplicity not its rhetorical fireworks or intricate arguments. When you think about it, distilling a simple truth out of a complex situation is either supremely difficult, or strikingly dishonest. In this case, […]

Diversity our greatest liability

“My fellow Americans, we must never, ever believe that our diversity is a weakness — it is our greatest strength.” William Jefferson Clinton, State of the Union 1997 Twelve years after this insidious slogan was uttered and accepted by our obliviot voting population, the contrary results continue to reveal themselves. Maybe it is more accurate […]

Renaissance humanism also fails us today

Once upon a time, populations weren’t diverse, at least not anywhere near to the forced extent they are today. Some of these non-diverse populations started to think of ways to avoid conflict among themselves, which included thinking about ending fratricide. One consequence of the development of humanist philosophy during the Renaissance was the increased emphasis […]

Economy better off with less people

While there aren’t necessarily less people in the U.S. than in recent years, there are less people working and there is less spending. Under this scenario, the following report came as a surprise for many people: Stocks continued to move higher and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a new 2009 intraday high Monday, extending […]

Remaking modern society

Some metal message board member offers a challenge. Assumption: we often discuss politics and this domain has its own definite views. But we are taught democracy, capitalism and liberal civil/women’s rights together comprise “freedom,” and that anything but freedom is “bad.” So what can we do? We shrug and watch the ongoing travesty, certain we […]

Bukkake and your daughter

Argument to the extremes is debater’s shorthand for a criticism of any proposed idea by taking it to its most overblown, least-restricted, fully anarchistic conclusion. For example, I say “legalize drugs” and you say “then you’ll have mothers giving their babies crack in order to keep them quiet.” It seems absurd, but it sometimes coincides […]

The blame game

The internet is amazing because every person on it is a cheerleader. They’re out there shouting their truth so that you think they’re cool even if they’ve kind of failed at life. Many agree humanity’s in trouble; most awakened only when this temporary recession hit, and their consumption and defecation was interrupted. Here are some […]

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