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New Pedestrianism recently interviewed Michael E. Arth (New Urban Cowboy; Labors of Hercules) who has recently converted a Florida slum formerly known as ‘Cracktown’ to a new area now known as “The Garden District”. His New Pedestrianism ideas revolve around changing zoning laws in order to create a more pedestrian-friendly town where cars are thought of […]

Biofuel Crops Bad For Envrionment

[click] Countries thinking of joining the rush for biofuels run the risk of planting invasive plant species that could wreak environmental and economic havoc, biologists warned on Tuesday. In a report issued on the sidelines of a major U.N. conference on biodiversity, an alliance of four expert groups urged governments to select low-risk species of […]

Overpopulation myths

[click] As a citizen of this planet, it only makes sense to ensure a bright future for as many of us as possible; ironically, this involves decreasing our numbers drastically. Talking about overpopulation doesn’t do most folks any good because there’s no money in decreasing overall consumption. Having as many consumers as possible around is […]

Police Resort To High-tech Tactics due to Idiot Drivers

The targeted drivers will hear, in addition to the conventional siren, a deep, guttural sound, then feel a vibration beneath their feet. The goal, police said, is for the driver to look up, see the flashing blue lights, and get out of the way well before the police cruiser has approached the car. Drivers “are […]

More Misguided Ideas re: Immigration

Even so, there are undoubtedly many Mexican immigrants who strongly want to integrate their families into American society. Many of these immigrants find their path to the American mainstream blocked, however, by the simple fact that they cannot live or work legally in the United States. Without legal status, there is no road to citizenship. […]

Targeting The Wrong Foreign Nationals

[click] Apparently our government has decided to wake up and start throwing people in jail who don’t belong here. Oops – wrong people! Our government wants nothing to do with jailing illegals, sending them out of the country, and building a border fence. But a guy from Calabria (Calabrese people stopped emigrating to America en […]

More people are recognizing the problem of overpopulation

A fairly well-respected government figure is trying to stimulate discussion on what many people already know: there are too many people on the planet, and since we continue to reproduce at insane rates along with a Chinese and Indian middle-class growing by the hundreds of millions, most of whom desire first-world lifestyles (read: access to […]

Smart Article On Trucks

Though this article is presented to a Canadian audience, more American drivers need to contact their local bureaucrat for assistance with this issue. [more] You can read the above-linked article for the first page or two, and ignore most of the technical reasoning behind it unless you’re interested; you’ll get the point within the first […]

Gas-guzzler economics

“The SUV craze was a bubble and now it is bursting,” said George Hoffer, an economics professor at Virginia Commonwealth University whose research focuses on the automotive industry. “It’s an irrational vehicle. It’ll never come back.” [more] This goes to show once again that Americans love excess, and will do anything to have more as […]

Video Game psychology

In a February post on MTV Multiplayer, blogger Tracey John wrote about her experience playing Carnival Games. She could change her character’s pants, shirts, shoes, and hairstyles, John wrote. “But when it came to skin color, it only offered different faces in one pale hue. In other words, as a minority (I’m a Chinese woman), […]

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