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Smart Article On Trucks

Though this article is presented to a Canadian audience, more American drivers need to contact their local bureaucrat for assistance with this issue.


You can read the above-linked article for the first page or two, and ignore most of the technical reasoning behind it unless you’re interested; you’ll get the point within the first couple pages. Nicely written article by Ted Mitchell, in structure as well as reasoning.

I have a friend who owns a large pickup, the largest GM makes before the trucks have to be diesel-powered (more torque, more fuel-efficient). He works in an office all day and has zero need for a truck bed.  A healthier society would only allow selling pickup trucks and SUVs to vehicle owners with commercial license plates.  If you’re not a business and can’t get a commercial plate, you should be paying an annual gas-guzzler tax to own a pickup or SUV if allowed to own one at all.

I think the idea makes a bit too much sense for anyone to support. Just drive defensively; that’s what you can tell yourself while avoiding being jackknifed or back-ended by some idiot in a pickup who’s driving it because it looks cool.

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