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Police Resort To High-tech Tactics due to Idiot Drivers

The targeted drivers will hear, in addition to the conventional siren, a deep, guttural sound, then feel a vibration beneath their feet. The goal, police said, is for the driver to look up, see the flashing blue lights, and get out of the way well before the police cruiser has approached the car.

Drivers “are not hearing us,” Dunford said. “They’re not looking into their mirrors, checking for what’s behind them, as they should . . . It’s a very dangerous situation that’s developing.”


Instead of building the walls of technology higher, why not teach people at a young age to treat driving as a privilege instead of a right? This is a band-aid fix for a much larger problem in society. People being so blatantly stupid and self-absorbed as to ignore cops on a busy road, without realizing other drivers are getting out of the way of an ambulance and/or cop car, need to be removed from the roads until they can show they will treat the privilege of driving with respect.  It’s too easy for government to become corrupt when it’s easily shown how moronic the masses are, starting with police corruption and use of technology to thwart even innocent bystanders.

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