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Jokela Shootings

While I wouldn’t consider myself an ecofascist (yet), at the very least we need to start worrying about population control – instead of trying to breed more and more consumers to ingest more and more plastic and become more and more cancerous each year so doctors can keep playing golf and our health care system […]

Why our society will fail

Upon reading this article,  a few ideas sprung to mind.  Popular consensus leading a population made up mostly of morons leads to only one end: a society where our best resource (people with an IQ of over 120) feel alienated among a politically-correct, lowest-common-denominator environment. Does anyone feel this isn’t true, with all the shallow […]

Breaking the glass of denial

We support the school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen because he shattered the illusion in which most people live. The illusion is that our society is moral, progressive and moving toward a positive goal. The reality is that we are living in delusion, we are doing it for our own selfish sense of status, and that the […]

Society Blames Others For Its Illness

Yet another teenager today tried to awaken a numb world with the sacrifice of himself and several other students, this time in southern Finland for that country’s first school shooting1. He opened fire at his high school, killing eight people and wounding ten, before police surrounded the building and presumably took him out. You are […]

History is racist

1) Using the CT data from scanning done in January, a “rapid prototype model” of the skull was made and provided to French forensic anthropologist Jean-Noel Vignal, of the Centre Technique de la Gendarmerie Nationale. Vignal, who works daily with police officials to reconstruct deceased crime victims, determined from the skull that the person had […]


Ordinary people. I hate them. An ordinary person spends his life avoiding tense situations. A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations. Let’s go get a drink. – Bud When you get rich without thinking, and powerful without trying, the tendency is to pull back from the things you once fought against. You’re […]

Karmic tar babies

The old tale, attributed to African-Americans but probably invented by a Mongolian copyriter in New York, describes the tar baby left out as a lure for angry people. A tar baby is symbolic because it looks human and because it won’t answer you, it can make you angry. When you then start hitting the thing, […]

Driving blind

We were talking about the news last night, and about Dr. James Watson and how his recent statements were ill-received by the press. I don’t want to comment on the content of his statements, as I’m sure others are busy making that utterly boring and fallacious by creative redefinition of the terms involved, but I […]

In simple terms, what is nihilism

Nihilism can be expressed by a simple formula: considering the whole of the visible and invisible world, It is what it is. This tautology reflects the nature of life itself. As something interconnected from the farthest reaches of the universe to the simplest details of mundane life, it is mathematically linked by causal relationships that […]

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