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Why our society will fail

Upon reading this article,  a few ideas sprung to mind.  Popular consensus leading a population made up mostly of morons leads to only one end: a society where our best resource (people with an IQ of over 120) feel alienated among a politically-correct, lowest-common-denominator environment.

Does anyone feel this isn’t true, with all the shallow crap on TV, on the news, without any real discussion by our own presidential candidates of the really important issues of the day and the really important effects of man-made causes? Is any one of our presidential candidates even willing to engage someone in the following issues?

  • Israel, as a political ally, needs to go. We bail them out time and time again because England the US force-fed zionists to the Arabs, and they’ve needed our protection ever since we allowed the systematic disenfranchisement of the Palestinians.
  • Our over-population and lack of a sense of social responsibility will ultimately lead to the death of most of us when water and other resource-related wars begin.
  • As a society, we’re getting dumber. Period. Something needs to be done. This is inter-related with lots of fun issues that will never be discussed in politics again, the way our system is currently constructed: our lack of cultural identity, our increasingly politically-correct environment, our ignorance of our country’s own foreign policy, etc.
  • Illegal immigration has as much to do with Mexican politics as it does with US politics. Mexico has a beautiful piece of land between two beautiful shores, with lots of natural resources, but they’d rather leach off the US than get their act together and get rid of their druglords. If the US took a hard line with illegal immigration, maybe Mexico would be more apt to clean up their act.

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