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Driving blind

We were talking about the news last night, and about Dr. James Watson and how his recent statements were ill-received by the press. I don’t want to comment on the content of his statements, as I’m sure others are busy making that utterly boring and fallacious by creative redefinition of the terms involved, but I want to comment on the phenomenon:

Respected scientist offers theory, and theory is rejected on the grounds that it cannot even be considered because it’s offensive.

This is a variation on marketing: we cannot offer X product, because Y people will be upset and won’t buy our other products (this is about the only thing that keeps industry from offering anal dildos to four-year-olds, really). We cannot mention X social event, because Y person will have a panic attack and ruin the social engagement. That’s all well and good for social engagements and grocery stores, but what about science?

Science is the basis of how we make our future decisions; while we all know how arrogant and linear (materialist categorical) science now is, we know that rationality needs to guide us in some form. We need science. We need to be able to consider every option, even if it offends people, whoever those people are. We should not stop for elites or masses if either group or both are offended.

But instead we’re driving blind, because before we can consider an option we prejudice our minds against it. Consider how many screwups you’ve made when driving and trying to find a new location. “Well, it said it would be a left, so I didn’t consider any right turns” you say, and then the directions turn out to be wrong, and there — how could you have missed it the first time? — plain as day is the street down which you wanted to turn. But it was a right, so you ignored it.

We drive blind because in this universe there is a mathematical bias toward the destructive, parasitic, pointless, immaculately useless and parasitic. Why is this, you might ask? Early mathematical developments in the universe revealed that if you don’t exert an equal and opposite reaction, if not more, against any rising force, you allow it to too quickly take over, which leads to a form of entropy known as heat death.

What this means is that 99% of your species exist to hold you back. Their function is to destroy anything good they are given and then to demand more; to sodomize children and hide their bodies in ditches; to steal, like, cheat, loaf, vandalize, ruin and molest. They are mud, they are feces, they are the eternal moron. But they serve a mathematical function in ensuring that few powerful forces rise, which exerts stability which for the long-term growth of a species is more important than greatness.

However, with humans, we’re in control of our destiny, and we need greatness or we’re basically glorified apes. As glorified apes, we lose everything that made us capable of self-direction, and there’s no chance of us growing to do more interesting things. We need more than stability a sense of purpose, beauty and meaning. 99% of all people will say they are doing the opposite, but in their deeds will do everything they can to destroy purpose, beauty and meaning.

We call these people punjis, after punji stakes or punji sticks, which means a shit-covered shard of bamboo designed to infect and slow down others. Most people act like punji stakes, don’t they? Most human insults involve feces, because it’s what you step in when you were trying to do something inspired instead. Punjis are human feces, but they have brains and hands, and they’ll destroy whatever they can.

When we look at what happened to Dr. Watson, a respected scientist rising above the idiots around him, we can see that he is being dragged down by the punjis for their own gratification. Those of us who are from the 1% who can think and do owe it to our own survival to beat back these punjis, even if we don’t agree with the issue in question, because otherwise, the punjis are coming for us — next.


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