Furthest Right

Breaking the glass of denial

We support the school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen because he shattered the illusion in which most people live. The illusion is that our society is moral, progressive and moving toward a positive goal. The reality is that we are living in delusion, we are doing it for our own selfish sense of status, and that the end result will be to breed ourselves into stupidity, to pollute the planet and kill its beautiful wildlife, and in the meantime, to bore ourselves to death with categorical rules and mirthless function.

In our view, doom awaits us all anyway, so those who are killed now die as symbols of the discontent. This discontent is not widely spread because most people have the attention spans of gnats. However, we have chosen to build our society on the idea of the individual as king over truth, which allows the idiots and parasites among us to run our society into the ground, because if only 1% of people see why something is necessary, and it’s not popular or profitable, it gets ignored — even if it is reality. We commend you to the philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Theodore Kaczynski, Pentti Linkola, Rene Guenon, Vijay Prozak and Julius Evola for more information.

When people ask why I, personally, support the Jokela shooter my answer is the same as when I am asked why I think the September 11 attacks were awesome. Our world is structured so that we are controlled through our own selfishness, and what our oligarchs want is that we keep distracting ourselves with television, new purchases, fast food, sex, drugs/drink and job titles so that we do not notice the direction in which our species is heading. Essentially, we are cannibalizing ourselves — a few thoughtless and callous rich will rule over the masses of stupid, and will proclaim themselves Socially Darwinistically fit because of their economic success, all while squeezing out genius, great art, great literature and so on.

I encourage all who read this to look critically at our society. Are we producing better people, or less good people who know how to repeat the neo-Stalinist party line about equality, anti-terrorism, “freedom” and support for special interest groups? Are we producing great art, or did artists find a way to make Britney Spears-level junk art look profound? Are we producing culture, or an endless series of disingenuous hipsters who lack ideas because they’re afraid of reality? Are we taking on the moral challenge to grow better like the ancient Greeks and Romans, or are we becoming fat, lazy and incompetent like the remains of third-world dictatorships? Are we using our technology to become better, or are we simply growing more (7 billion) people with barely enough intelligence to watch TV and perform menial jobs, while we consume planet earth?

This is why I support the Jokela shooter: he doesn’t let you assume everything is alright. He doesn’t let you think that if you just buy the right brand of shoes, things will work out. He doesn’t let you believe the lies of politicians, activists, television personalities and religious leaders. He is a giant flaming fist that says IT IS NOT OKAY and that our direction is wrong, the design of our society is wrong, and that we’re basically a dying culture of people prejudiced toward negativity, depression and callow materialism — and that this state will continue until we fix it. It doesn’t end until we fix it, and if we let it go on, it destroys all beautiful things and replaces them with a fat, stupid grey race of humans who believe in nothing but eating and defecating. Do you understand now?

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