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Christianity and Buddhism are the Same Sickness

In our busy lives, people spend almost all of their time doing things that are not only unrewarding but destructive to their spiritual lives. The first and grossest might be dealing with a blockhead, illogical rule-oriented bureaucratic system; more damaging is that daily we go to jobs where we serve the whims and egotisms of others, usually in a capacity where 75% of our time is devoted to compensating for the inadequacy of others and the pretense required to maintain it. “But not everyone in the committee understands why the doorknob must turn to the right – do you have a visual aid?” We can go on: when you get home from your paper-pushing, ass-kissing job, you get to deal with paying bills, fixing the technology that you own that failed, and buying exciting products. If you’re lucky, they let you out on Friday and Saturday night to get drunk so you can be humbled and guilty feeling by Monday, which ensures better subservience.

Because we recognize on some levels that our lives are meaningless, since they are spent in fulfilling the neurotic delirium of others translated into the force of dollars without which we are homeless and foodless and friendless, we turn to our quick fix religion, which we treat like a drug. In our modern brilliance, we have decreed that all religions are equal, but of course everyone else has the freedom to, if they don’t understand or don’t like your religion, to write you off as a nutcase and deny everything you have to say, and/or slander you in the media and use that weapon of public opinion to bankrupt you. That’s “freedom.” Memorize, class.

The biggest religions, hoodwinking over 80% of the American population, are Christianity and Judaism; they are basically the same religion, with the exception that Judaism is a racial cult based in a material dualism (“the good life” versus life as a moron peon who doesn’t believe that material comfort is the highest order), and thus are referred to here collectively as “Christianity.” Just as Christian anti-Semites are the biggest blockheads in the world, any idiot Jew who objects to this grouping is deluded as to the uniqueness of the religion he has purchased. Most people attack Christianity on its own terms, e.g. by trying to debate its truthfulness in an absolute sense, but when dealing with the brainwashed, you will never convince them via this method, as they will fall back on absolute truth and then bring out open-ended terms like “freedom” and “faith” which mean nothing and thus are convenient for the mentally defective, since use of said terms allows them to justify whatever insane religion they follow.

Christianity, called by Nietzsche “the greatest evil that ever was,” operates on the presumption that the world is bad and one can only achieve meaning in life by doing acts of good to the less fortunate. It’s a pity cult, and pity is a bad drug, since in order to pity someone you must consider them beneath you, and thus can masturbate yourself into hysteria by considering that you’ve done something “good” for them. Daily Christian cults can be seen giving handouts to the clueless and impoverished, not so much because they care about them but because the good Christians feel like immortal Gods for having someone to look down upon and “help,” always with the requirement that one tolerate their nutty neurosis attached. Nevermind that these people cannot help themselves, or they would have, and that giving them handouts is essentially making them dependents forever and insuring that, using the intellectual skills which got them into this position, they will also breed more clueless dependents. In short, pity to the “less fortunate” produces more less fortunate who are less able to help themselves, but the Christians don’t care: they got their daily self-esteem boost for feeling “good” about themselves for helping those whose only option is gratitude.

In simplest terms, Christianity is negativity and passivity coupled with low self-esteem, and while it originally afflicted only the functional yet deranged, it has now become an Official Value of our great, errorless modern society. One of its worst aspects is requiring you to indoctrinate your children into it; they thus grow up thinking that Christianity is absolute “right” because they are punished for deviating from that path. For example, if you’re an abnormally perceptive kid, and you tell your parents that church is basically them jerking off themselves to hold back the void of death, they’ll consider you to be mentally defective and send you to reeducation, or, worse, a psychologist, who will fill your head with paradox until it seems the only salvation is to lie down, stick your ass in the air, and submit. Christians like that, because they’re passive, and a passive person – by definition one who has no goal or means to achieve it – likes nothing better than forcing another person to join the crowd of low self-esteem losers who are common in the West at this point.

It became apparent to me, schooled in the forest, at a young age that Christianity was the art of defining something as “good” and doing it to others so you feel your life has absolute meaning. It wasn’t rocket science. Adults dressed up for church, trying to cover up their animal nature, and then went and talked about death, ending every conversation on that topic with the conclusion that death wasn’t real if you just accepted the religious dogma and signed away your brain on the dotted line. If you talked about anything of value to life itself, such as the delights of killing some idiot or of nature or of personal strength, they shushed you because you might offend someone. The real reason: you might point out to the crowd that they’re low self-esteem losers who gather at church because they lack the ability to give their own lives meaning, now that there are no longer sage overlords to simply put them to work or use them as cannon fodder.

Christianity for this reason appeals to neurotic people, and through its mechanism of forcing itself on succeeding generations and isolating those who don’t accept its rabid dogma, it has bred the West into a race of slumbering, kow-towing, cowardly, self-obsessed masturbators. These are the type of people who sit in traffic for an hour and slyly consider themselves smart for getting a “good deal” on a house only an hour from their jobs. These are the people who when a president says, “God told me to wage war on Islam,” simply gulp it down and turn viciously on anyone who dissents from crowd wisdom (in our enlightened modern society, we know that genius is dangerous, and that there is nothing more insightful than that which the largest number of television watchers can agree to). If the world is divided into leaders and followers, Christianity is the triumph of the followers, and it hates leaders.

Buddhism is a similar jerkoff, having the premise that the best way to decrease ego is to devote your life to your own “enlightenment,” while taking no part in the world that reminds you that your ego is one tiny part of a large universe. In the name of wisdom, make the world your Self, and worship it, while considering yourself wise and merciful for abstaining from participation in the world at large – oh, except for acts of pity, of course, which modern Buddhists commit as much as Christians do. According to Julius Evola, the original form of Buddhism was different, but it looks like the followers tore this one down and made it into a product for the dumb just like Christianity. Either that, or Buddha was a drama queen long ago and he still is, having come up with nothing better than that the best way to live is to avoid contact with external reality.

What’s most dishonorable about Buddhism is that it markets itself as an “alternative,” especially through the work of many Western adherents who busily memorize its dogma and pass it along to others who they consider “lost,” thus requiring help in the form of knowledge, another form of pity. It’s not like honest passing of knowledge, which occurs in debate when participants are at their highest strength, but it is offered when you see someone experiencing one of the lows that life periodically sends to us all: you look weak, give up on yourself and submit to our dogma, and you’ll be not only well again but a better person. It’s like going into the bathroom and finding someone with diarrhea, and trying to tell them that they should eat more clay, because clay is the source of all colonic enlightenment. The poor diarrhea victim will unwisely protest that loose bowels are a fact of life (and eating Mexican food after beers at 2 am), and that, while diarrhea will pass, eating clay guarantees long-term bad results because it is actually not food. At this point, the Christian calls the crowd into the bathroom, points out the diarrhea victim and loudly proclaims that this person cannot tell the difference between “good” and diarrhea, and thus must be put to the sword. When his blood is spilled among the ordure, they’ll go to his house and burn all his books, so that none of the evil knowledge is spread further. At least, this is what happened in Europe when the Christians came, and we lack most knowledge of the ancient world for it.

The reason these religions are diseased is that they reality and focus on the a fantasy world within the self-conception of the individual, all in the name of reducing said ego through submission to some holy force that is never wrong (not even after six beers and a snort of coke). This produces neurotic people, as paradoxical instructions produce neurotic computers. Told something illogical, people keep digging for meaning in it, but since they’re looking in the wrong place, they never find it. However, since it proclaims its own knowledge as absolute, they are brainwashed into not looking in other places! One place, a good start, would be life itself – find out what gives meaning to you and act on it. Anything else is a replacement of reality with a fantasy world for masturbatory purposes, which allows you to turn off your brain and hand it Jesus or Buddha while removing yourself from activity in the world at large, allowing criminals to take over your planet by putting a price tag on everything, selling it back to you, and then taxing you on it.

This isn’t to say I’m against religion – or masturbation. Self-relief is as old as the hills and I see no need to preach for or against it. And not all religions are broken. But Christianity is, as is Buddhism, and together they represent the spiritual path most will take in our society, which explains in part how broken everything is. The other part of our society, our obsession with money, makes greater sense to us in the light of the Absolute Word as imposed by Christ, and is not challenged by Christ, as wealth is seen as a reward from the God. Can you think of a bigger circle-jerk designed to please the mediocre among us while subjugating the independent thinkers? Short of technological mind control, there isn’t one.

If aliens came down among us and installed mind-control devices, there would be less illogicality in the life of an everyday person; we devote too much time to avoiding statement of the obvious because it might “offend” some insignificant ego enthroned as king by its fantasy-world morality. We talk our way around Christianity. Yes, isn’t it terrible that they found another hundred priests who were sodomizing young boys? The disingenuous among us try to blame their homosexuality, or their own abuse at the hands of other priests, but the truth is far simpler: mentally depraved people are drawn to being priests, as it gives them a power they could not achieve otherwise. That they are or are not gay has nothing to do with it; not every gay molests young boys. But pedophiles always seek a situation where they have power over the young, and usually social status too, so they can coerce them into sex without having to outright hit them. There’s that passivity, again.

Not every priest is a pedophile, nor every Christian a rabid one. In fact, most people treat Christianity like they do the electric company or their favorite cable channel: as a source of comfort that can be purchased for a minimal fee, to which they have no allegiance as long as the bill is paid. Some would say this is downright dishonest of them, but really, it’s insincerity matching insincerity. Christianity is a mind-control virus organized for its own profit, much like a pub or movie theatre is, except more virulent. Therefore, those who treat it as such, and go for the “friendship” or “socialization” have understood it better than it understands itself. When the framework of society that upholds Christianity finally collapses, this type of person will just as happily drift over to the Hindu temple for “friendship” and “socialization” because they had no allegiance to Christ in the first place – they needed an outlet, and a way to meet people, and grinning Jesus gave them a chance. Having paid their dues, through time and tithing, they now view the transaction is over, and will (like an ex-girlfriend on cocaine) rapidly move on.

Most of the undifferentiated crowd, meaning those that cannot stand out for ability or breeding, however, have a different view: Christianity is a major access point for them to power in society. This is why its most rabid defenders tend to be people without huge amounts of money who would like to pretend money doesn’t matter to them; just as many shacks in the south have Cadillacs next to them, many trailer homes send thousand-dollar donations to televangelists. This pretense makes them feel good, like heroin, for a short time until they need the next fix, and its root is in low self-confidence and inability to do anything important, while still having a desire for power. Under a strong king such people are beaten down when they become unruly, which allows their neighbors of greater ability to live unhampered by the wet dreams of the envious.

Because this crowd is vociferous and willing to pay, few merchants or businesspeople are willing to alienate them and their insistent dollars clutched in grubby fists, even if all merchants and businesspeople have disdain for such morons because they’re helpless and yet pretending to be “important” in some way unknown to us all. It’s like ugly girls in bars who end up doing drunken stripteases on tables: their assets are minimum, but their aggression is high, because they have no other way of getting what they want, whether social power or an unselective penis. For this reason, like the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, our society contorts and re-routes itself to avoid facing the obvious: while Christianity purports to “empower” the individual, it is in fact the single biggest form of conformity in our lives today, even more so than bureaucratic government, as it deludes people into accepting it of their own “free will.”

Think about this for a moment. If a religious system honestly had all the answers, there wouldn’t be any need for church; you’d accept a truth and head on to a normal social event that doesn’t involve death-denial and tasteless wafers with bad wine. A more honest religious system might say, “Well, we’ve got the basic framework, but the rest will require some customization before it fits you,” knowing that – at the very least – the religious perception of a genius will differ from that of the downtrodden masses, as a woman’s view will differ from a man’s. Christianity does neither of these. It not only purports to have all the answers, but it also tells us that the answer is the same for every single one of us, whether retard or conqueror. Using a little algebra, we can see that this limits the answer to what a retard and a conqueror have in common, which is basically nothing, except consumption, defecation, and the need to bolster self-esteem. Aha!

The good news about all of this is that fantasy eventually collides with reality, whether that reality is nuclear war, peak oil eliminating our easy energy sources, or simply the decay of society to the point where the good, pious Christians are easy prey for more physically virulent criminality. This madness has gone on for a thousand years, and in the process, has built a vast empire upon Jesus and money, but it sustains itself on the deeds of those who came before that time and established a civilization for Christians, Jews and Buddhists to parasitize. When things break down, don’t weep for your brainwashed comrades – put them, every one of them, Jew and Christian and Buddhist alike, to the sword, because no matter how many lives are lost, those who survive (the non-deluded) will finally have a chance to live in a world of leaders again.

Much like the race debate, in which it’s news to most neo-Nazis that just because someone is white, they are not automatically pure angels that you can trust and praise – and in fact many of them are scumbags who create their own problems, the religion debate is part of the issue. There are people who follow the secular counterpart to Christianity, an ego-obsession and emphasis on either pity or feeling superior for having made money (thus, they presume, they are God-ordained as absolutely better than others – except they don’t believe in God, so they worship money directly), and these are called “liberalism” and “conservatism” respectively. These people don’t live in reality, either, and they should also man, woman and child face the sword. Even if only a thousand humans remain, if they are of a type higher than the Christian or Jew or Buddhist, it is a victory for humanity as a whole that the lower types were murdered.

Of course, most of you have already imbibed the Christian dogma over generations, and anyone in your family who dissented was labelled either a blasphemer, a sociopath or insane, and thus bred out of the gene pool, wasting away in the kind of poverty delivered only when the crowd decides to shut someone out for offending their groupthink. Therefore, you literally do not have the cognitive capacity to understand what is offered here, and will go back to thinking yourself smarter than others for having not accepted it; you may even, as many do, feel the need to pity me and thus will write in with your email advice warning me that fantasy gods will punish me or that I’ll be exiled from social graces. Enjoy your mindless jobs, your depthless wealth, and your masturbatory self-confidence boost from your fantasy land affirmation. When the time comes, it is my sword that will taste your blood, laughing.

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