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Humans operate like a giant chemical reaction: when enough of the reagents are in contact, something happens – an explosion, a synthesis, or a neutralization. As evidenced by the increasing amount of coverage given racial issues, the reaction on this issue is imminent in America and Europe. As someone who would like to live in a sane world, preferrably one in which we are headed in an upward (not to be confused with “progressive,” which assumes we can invent a substitute for nature that’s utopic) direction, I like to inject my viewpoint where I can do so, and often find years later that people were indeed reading and took the ideas to heart. I hope the same happens here.

The racial issue simmers for now. Most people, having their hands full with lives and families, are not inclined to let something blow up unless it’s so far out of control that they see nothing other way; this is why humanity loves tragedies, as they emulate our own course of history, where events remain backgrounded until something extreme must happen. The extreme will happen, although it’s hard for us to believe as we journey from air conditioned homes to stores to offices. We didn’t think oil would ever run out, or that environmental damage would come back to haunt us, but the perfect worldview in which we are disconnected from external, natural forces has been pierced there and will also be shattered in the case of the racial issue. It’s a question of time, and how we organize our thoughts.

If we tackle this issue honestly, now, we will be able to not only fix the problems of the past but avert the future disasters that lurk anytime one applies a temporary fix and then relies on it as if it were a foundation. For us to tackle this issue requires that we locate our own natural instincts and, instead of suppressing them like we dress up sweaty bodies in business suits and euphemize death at parties, explicate them and understand their wisdom. Part of life is trusting the course of life itself; the origin of this course is what we call “nature,” which I see as an order to the entire cosmos that operates in ways not immediately visible to human (through meditation, philosophy or any other form of consistent structural thought they can be seen).

When we analyze the racial issue, it appears at first to be one of identity. We see ourselves as part of a heritage, and within that, a familial line. Our identity in this context however is not like a social identity, or a manufactured position in an arbitrary hierarchy of things we say and do, but is a symbolic reference to our pasts as they are encoded in our genetics. Our heritage represents the work of our ancestors; even more, it represents our own potential, as it is the design for the machines which are our bodies – and in them, as part of them, our minds. Alcoholic uncles and genius grandfathers are things we inherit and must deal with, as they’re part of our makeup, much as a car which uses an older design of oil pump has corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Genetics is the design of our selves, and much as our intelligence and strength and physical appearance are not only limited by have a place on a strata from good to best, represents abilities and failings.

Our goal in each of our lives is to move upward, and by pushing our machine to its potential with discipline, education and experience, to further develop the design. This is a form of evolution, except that as tool-making animals, we’re in charge of it – not our predators, as would be the case with a mouse or raven. Our raw abilities are determined at birth, as are the basics of our personalities, but through hard work we can make these better. There is no escape from this cycle. We can pretend, but as we age and our accomplishments are shown (or fail to materialize), the lie is revealed and we are seen for what we are. Much as our society fears nakedness, and the possibility of a small penis or saggy breasts, it also fears this revelation, as no degree of knowing people and being known can obscure what we are.

For this reason, we cannot become something different by breeding with a radical opposite; what is produced is a fusion of traits, none of which are separate from their genetic past. Randomness occurs, and as with all things in nature, no magic sudden solution to every problem emerges. From this realization we see that we are our heritage, and there is no escape from it except by furthering it along the course of its design. Further, we see that if we want to rise in life, the only way is by evolving upward, as everything else over time is shown as a stinking lie covered with fancy words and ostentatious gestures. The potential of our grandparents, and theirs and those of generations before them, lies within us, as do their failings. We either recognize this and work toward bettering ourselves, or in denial, we make random decisions and have random results, which means that for each trait our offspring have, it will be a coin toss.

This is the root of the racial issue: as populations, we wish to continue existing as an unbroken ethnic and cultural line so that we may better ourselves. Those who want some radical easy solution to this, such as race mixing, are hoping for a Disney-like magic pathway that ends all of their problems at once. Life isn’t that simple, because if it were, it would rapidly collapse from a tendency to achieve extremes without addressing the details that make outcomes possible. It is not some religious aspect to nature that makes this so, but basic mathematics: a certain degree of complexity is needed, and it requires attention to its manipulation. Recognizing that easy answers do not exist, and that we are a product of our past, forces us to recognize the importance of ethnic-cultural heritage.

For this reason, not “identity,” those among us who are realistic and have the heroic outlook of wanting to live life well will choose to breed within their own race and tribe, and even more, to try to acquire the best mate they can so that their children exceed them in ability, physicality and moral character. People who do not choose to make this decision are hoping to get away with an evasive and simplistic approach to life, and they seem to achieve it, until one looks at the results over the next generations. It is this desire to breed well, and to have people around oneself which are of similar inclinations and values, that is the root of the racial problem.

Too many people try to argue that negroes are inferior or stupid or criminal, and therefore, “scientifically,” that we shouldn’t breed with them. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant. They’re lying to themselves when they say this is the reason. The truth of the matter is that healthy people, no matter how “superior” the potential mixed mate might be, do not breed outside their own tribe, because to do so is not only to give up on the past but to embrace an illusion of a one-shot fix. Combining radically different designs does not magically produce a superior design, but a chaotic one, and while it may have some strengths, it will lack overall direction and refinement – it will lack evolutionary upward potential. In modern society, where the requirements of us are a) get job b) buy things and c) entertain self, it is often hard to see how abilities degenerate through mixing, but when one looks at the intangible qualities of life, like moral character and overall togetherness as personalities, this truth is undeniable.

The idea of arguing “superior” and “inferior” in an absolute context is not only futile, but distracts from the essential mission, which is to breed upward within each of our tribes. In those tribes, anything which is of that ethnic-cultural heritage is “superior” for the purpose of being of that tribe; when breeding within the group, each individual picks the person who seems most likely to enhance their own abilities in the next generation. The natural wisdom of this idea is not accessible to everyone, as it requires time to think it out and a brain capable of the complexity required. However, it is the root of racial animosity: when other tribes are present, breeding becomes fragmented, and the original tribe is destroyed.

When racial animosity is thus created, it too often takes the form of bigotry, or blaming one’s problems on the other races. This is a perceptual error, because the actual root of the problem is the presence of the other races, and most of them will be oblivious to this condition. One does not obliterate their presence by obliterating them, but by changing society in such a way that its shared values exclude the idea of putting different tribes together in the same communities. Every single instance of racial animosity on earth fits into this pattern, and every single one of them is cured when those involved turn from a hopeless task (wanting to destroy another race) to a positive one (altering social values to exclude the possibility of racial/tribal mixing).

As an individual, I feel no anger toward other individuals who are of other races. Toward many of them I may feel friendship, respect, or even love. There is nothing wrong with them, but there is a great wrong if I attempt to obliterate my heritage by mixing with something radically different, as they are. There is also something sick and wrong when for social reasons I must deny biology, and pretend that evolution did not happen in different rates in different races. It is natural to have friendship for others, but to feel hatred and anger at the thought of mixed-race breeding. It is self-preservation, and preservation of the ability to rise upward in genetics by refining what one is. It is an assertion of hope over the hopelessness of living a lie that will be discovered only in future generations.

For this reason, I have often provocatively slandered organizations that assert either a) other races are somehow inferior or b) that racial mixing is not only acceptable, but superior. Both groups make no sense in the context of observation of nature, and both promote destructive agendas. For example, most “white power” groups would breed all white people together into one mass of uncertain heritage. That is stupid; breeding Germans among Germans produces better Germans, where mixing white people together produces generic couch-sitters like the type that predominate among England, the USA and Canada, making those places not surprisingly the most frivolous, revengeful, directionless places on earth. “White power” and “white nationalist” groups would like to destroy their own race by obliterating its heritage through tribal mixing.

By the same token, “anti-racists” are mental defectives who wish to cast aside nature and heritage and replace it with social factors, thus never improving the designs of themselves or others. The kind of person to whom this belief appeals has generally suffered abuse trauma, is low in confidence and secretly wishes to tear down anyone with more (wealth, power, looks, brains, character) than themselves. Anti-racism is revenge against those who wish to do what is healthy. Because our society politicizes its youth through television and music, it often creates people who are “anti-racists” for a few years, before they realize that “ending racism” has nothing to do with the question of our human future. It’s a sideshow, and only those so directionless that they need personal drama to feel justified in surviving perpetuate it.

Our racial cauldron is coming to a boil. Already there are forces divided who will fight over its future. On the left are those who would destroy all race, and breed us into a languid population of no heritage; they do not realize that by doing so, they are fulfilling the ultimate aims of corporations, for whom culture is an impediment to the sale of products. On the right are the bigots, who would unite us by race but not by tribe, thus reducing our heritage to a lowest common denominator within our race. Both sides are fueled by out of control emotions, revenge and reactionary impulses. Neither should predominate.

If instead of getting tied up in the absurdly confrontational demands of politics, we turn to nature for understanding, we can see that multiculturalism is a poison to our genetics and future. We can see why it is that we can love someone of our own race who is of lesser ability, yet not breed with them, and love those of other races, yet never breed with them. We are literally working to better our own designs, and through that, to better ourselves and our children as people. This recognition that we are not self-created personalities, but extensions of a design beyond our control, threatens most people in the same way that not euphemizing death does. It’s time we grew up, and accepted life for its hard facts and great beauties alike, and therefore resolve to fix the racial issue instead of polarizing it into hysterical and violent reactions with no clear solution in sight.

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