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Why The West Is Dependent On Welfare

Politicians love any program that requires more money, more hiring, more spending and more power. But welfare and related payments (entitlements) have been sold to us as a benevolent act. The reality is far more grim.

Consider this scenario: government dumps money on impoverished citizens. These have little judgment, so they run off and buy shiny new iPhones, which then pumps up Apple’s stock. Government can then point to Apple, say “see our economy is massive,” and take out more loans, with zero members of Government planning to be around at the moment when default becomes inevitable.

If we abolished welfare tomorrow, our consumer-level products economy would collapse, leading the Chinese to stop buying up our debt, which would mean that government would have to become accountable for its spending. That alone would be worth doing.

As many have noted, the cause of civilization decline is civilization. When there is a big pot of money, people get their fingers into it and in order to keep the parasitism going, they create rules and power structures that doom the society. This pattern repeats time and again, and it begins with wealth, which attracts parasites.

What is a parasite? Anything which takes resources but is not strictly necessary is a parasite. Not all lawyers are parasites; some serve a useful role, as do some bureaucrats, doctors, and other roles all the way down to manual laborer. But many do not serve any role other than to show up, perform a repetitive task, and demand money for it.

People who are not parasites give more than they take. People who do the minimum, or invent non-necessary stuff to do in order to justify themselves, are mere leeches. When enough of these accumulate, they take over society because they becoming a financial and political bloc.

When the epitaph for liberal democracy is written, people with note how normal people were entirely unacquainted with how vicious these parasites are. For them, it is do or die: they either keep the parasitism train running, which eventually kills the patient and parasite alike, or they are without sustenance because they are useless and generally neurotic people.

This is why Leftists behave as if any assertion of common sense is an attack on Leftists with intent to kill. The restoration of sanity will eliminate Leftists and other individualists, who put their needs above nature, God, society, sanity and realism. As we look on the Leftist killing fields of the French Revolution through the twentieth century, this viciousness reveals itself like a shape traced in smoke.

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