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What Is The Root Of Human Behavior? Pretense, Posturing And Bragging

Darwin said we came from monkeys, to use the vernacular paraphrase of his findings, but what he failed to mention is that we are still monkeys — just a complex variety that can talk, do equations, build stuff, drive cars and post on social media.

Monkey behavior seems to rotate around trying to seem more important than one is, so that one can rise in the troupe without having to demonstrate actual ability. Humans are no different: our game is to become socially important without showing actual skills in leadership.

Consider race. Most of our countries are ablaze with fear of terrorism, brutal crime, and social disorder. But the elites? They are camped out in gated communities. To them, “Immigrant problems? What immigrant problems?” is a sensible and logical response, because they face zero of the consequences of these problems.

When it comes to ethnic tension, humans quickly divide into two groups: those who can claim it does not affect them, and those willing to lose a little social cred because they mention that real problems are actually real problems. “It doesn’t bother me” is a way of saying that you are above the problem because you are above those who suffer it. It pushes others down and raises you up.

This is just more of the pretense, posturing and bragging of the human monkey. Christians sometimes call this original sin, or the knowledge that without self-discipline and purpose toward a transcendental goal, we are just talking monkeys with car keys. Such monkeys ignore the actual issue, such as the effects of immigration on civilization, and focus on the non-issue — their own gated community — instead.

When historians look back on this time, the 60% of the population that took over and enslaved or exiled the rest will be seen as a reaction against not just their own government, and not just Leftism, but this entire crazy attitude of ignoring the big picture to focus on the little details that flatter the individual. They will (rightly) see people who behaved that way as mental defectives.

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