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Let Us Mourn The Past, And Send It On

One thing about Western European descended people (WEDPs) today is that few of them have come to grips with the past. The massive loss, the sense of failure, the shame and the guilt.

We glaze over when we look at the battlefields of the two World Wars not because we are bored, but because it is simply too painful. So many good people ground up like the meat that goes into hot dogs, and for what?

WWI was a response to the rise of Leftism, and an attempt to balance Europe after the century of war unleashed by the French Revolution. This created fragile alliances which detonated in the First World War.

This in turn sparked WWII, which was a resolution of unfinished business, but unfortunately the Anglo-American elites and their allies in Communist Russia took advantage of the situation. Despite my many disagreements with Adolf Hitler, his intention was to create a non-Bolshevik Europe, which is admirable.

And now we fight little wars against the ongoing decay, in which few die but many are maimed, as we slowly bleed out our best so that the bourgeois proles at home can keep watching television.

Our daily energy is spent denying the shame, guilt and horror of living in a society that is in the process of dying. In the silent cemeteries of France, the dead agree.

Let us finally mourn this pass, and remove its legitimacy. All was error, originating in Leftism, which sacrificed our best for the worst impulses of the human mind. Let us finally accept the sadness.

And then, let us resolve to do better. To finally see the real enemy — individualism and its political form, egalitarianism — and stop chasing this path to doom.

Our dead ancestors are (at least) owed this respect.

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