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Quotable (#6)

From the increasing desperation of Silicon Valley types to stay relevant, an accidental insight:

“There’s a billion to one chance we’re living in base reality,” [Elon Musk] said at a conference in June.

Musk is just one of the people in Silicon Valley to take a keen interest in the “simulation hypothesis”, which argues that what we experience as reality is actually a giant computer simulation created by a more sophisticated intelligence.

Gosh, that sounds familiar. Our world is a subset of a larger world in which some other force — physical, informational or metaphysical — is watching us to see how we react to stimulus. It is curious about what choices we make.

Seems as if the tech world has discovered a monist God and does not yet know it. This accidental insight provides fertile ground for future theologians: if we think our world is a simulation, and we presuppose a superior intelligence is doing it, what does it hope to achieve? Does it care about what we do, or are we part of the maintenance of a complex order?

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