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The Majority Is The Opposite Of The Minorities


A majority outlook is to look to and think in terms of what is best for the group rather than what is desirable to the individual.

We know how the Left is. In its victim mind-set the individual must be free to champion everyone else. The left serve egoistic people and put these before the majority population. Their demeanor is insane.

Ordinarily, with functional humans, thinking serves a greater cause. Your intuition, heart and conscience say what is right, and your head form the necessary words. In the curious case of leftism the opposite takes place. The cause and center of their being is Leftist ideology, and anything that threatens it — not in a real sense but by logically contradicting it — causes an irrational and disproportional lashing out. Whenever reality comes knocking on their door they ignore it if they can, but if they cannot they viciously attack its messenger. Emotions are all over the place, placating bad people so that they can continue their lives in denial.

Leftist ideology pledges goodness, and promises civil rights, but these are empty words. For the leftist the most important thing is that everyone adheres to their ideologies. If the people do, they are leftists and good, but if they do not they are the enemies of what is considered good. When everyone has fallen to propaganda and repeats Leftist dogma their work is complete. No one thinks for themselves no more, everyone is a leftist drone.

I call their thinking process a case of “backwards logic” because it put minority concerns before majority concerns. With Leftism, you will always get the worst results.

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