Furthest Right

Zero consensus

What happens when a society no longer has behavioral codes about what is good behavior?

All that’s left is to defend against obvious social taboos. Except “obvious” and “common sense” no longer function, since they can be obliterated by social constructs like rights, individualism and preference.

This means that our government truly must become the Nanny State, educating us about taboo and making simplistic rules because the majority of our fellow citizens are oblivious.

This is the age of zero consensus: nothing is common sense, nothing is obvious, and nothing is shared.

Permissiveness means that we must expect the worst of people. As an average and an equal norm, they are animals which will eat, defecate, fornicate and steal randomly, so they need restraining.

Tolerance began with assuming that your neighbor is OK just like you even if he’s of a different race, sexual preference, religion, etc.

Tolerance ends with us having nothing in common, no way to communicate, and an anarchic society in which stupidity is the rule and government is the teacher, parent and dictator watching us constantly.

For “our own best interests,” of course.

The brilliant sexual assault poster to the right was posted by the U.S. Navy to their Facebook presence.

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