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WWIII Has Been Going On For Awhile Now

The continuous destruction of the remnants of Western Civilization resembles an ongoing world war. Brought about by leftists, hating society because they hate themselves, who have nothing better to do in their spoiled state than to blame others for their misery.

The downfall of our civilizations has been a very slow and gradual decline that must be seen from the vantage point of a historic timeline. Our fate is akin to that of the slowly boiled frog. A frog fails to notice a slow and gradual change in the temperature of the water surrounding it and so it does not jump out of the water despite being cooked alive, at least metaphorically. And likewise we fail to act as our people grow corrupt and our societies go dumb and our civilizations become a husk of what they once were.

Let’s consider the previous world wars. What did we learn from them? Did anyone ever figure out why they occurred in the first place?

The first world war did not arise out of nothing and yet no experts connected the dots to figure out the big “why?”. But then this comes as no surprise as experts in truth never know anything about anything from a big picture view; they focus on details, as that is where careers are made. History mentions a shot prince as the match that lit the world but a deeper analysis is missing.

The second war gets the most focus. Spanning across continents and seas it was bigger and much uglier both compared to the first, in part because our technology had improved to allow us to continue the first world war on a grander global scale. Yet the second war is considered a second war and not a completely separate happening. A second wave of some something that was never identified and which did not recede with the first war.

The second war is popularly explained as a result of the economic factors following the first war. In the psyche of people, Germans are blamed as the enemy. Unfortunately the second war was not an end to the world wars as the underlying reasons that produced them were not addressed in the first place. There is an ongoing world war that in its most simple terms is a fight between good and evil and the third wave of it is gaining mass to come crashing down on us.

In the fight with Leftists it is not so easy as to pin our blame onto a Nazi and to attack it with fire and with fury. Some, like Anders Behring Breivik make their attempt, and are predictably hated and punished for murdering young socialists. Today, the real fight is an information war. It has two dimensions; the first takes place within us. It is a struggle with our personal conceptions. As we go through life and observe the inconsistencies of leftist ideologies and the discord that they cause in our daily lives we may, in a flash of insight, realize the truth: we’ve been conned, and so has everyone else. With this we simultaneously realize the need to protect ourselves from harmful ideological influences. The second dimension of the information war is outer and takes place between people, especially on the internet, where we fight the false worldviews to make way for the real in other people. Rather than fighting Leftists directly, we undermine what they think that they know so that they may begin to think for themselves and champion their own inner struggles.

The previous wars started in Europe and Germany was right in the center of it. Once again, the forming third war centers around Germany: Merkel has been a disaster. Her mistake is to believe in a bunch of things, on the level of being a protestant — which is politicized Christianity — and a full-blown Leftist politician as well, and to make these things central to her thinking. Almost every bit of information that reaches her passes through the ideological wiring that has formed in her brain. Now there is no thinking and no reality checks going on inside. Automatic responses form because the Leftist already knows everything. This is why the Left cannot grasp the Trump: he doesn’t think that he knows things. He either knows or he doesn’t know, the things that he says so naturally doesn’t pass through any ideological filtering. They remain honest and true and unfiltered. Merkel’s mistake is political correctness.

As we often hear, “Political correctness is cultural Marxism.” It is ideologies and policies that makes humans unbalanced. Top-heavy, as ideas replace common sense. The world wars are the result of cultural Marxism. How do I know this? Because its ideas are older than the wars, yet remain alive and are gaining today, they must have lived through the first two wars. Because we identify cultural Marxism as the great enemy that we face today, and what has corrupted our people and what is bringing about the fall of our civilizations, the sum of all of this makes it stand to reason that some version of cultural Marxism was at play during those two, previous trials of our civilization and the cause of tension.

The origins of cultural Marxism can be traced back to the french revolution, by way of Anthony Gramsci and such Marxist thinkers, and be summed up in the famous words: liberté, egalité, fratérnité. It has since matured and grown into the self-destruction that we now face. It attacks whites, our cultures, our relationships and families, anything that excels and ultimately our nations. It’s all over Europe, in North America, in South Africa, in Australia and in Asia as well. It is like a mythical beast, the evil of every evil, that was there within every bad man in all the great historic battles. It attacks and destroys what is excellent and real in a frenzy. Cultural Marxism is a destroyer that replaces greatness with mediocrity. It does away with beautiful artifacts to make room for the ugly and destroy a civilization to make room for an imagined utopian state. It destroys what exists in order to bring about communism. The beast has many shapes: globalism, liberalism, feminism, socialism, apologism, humanism and much more. Attacking society from every and any angle.

Cultural Marxism is also anything cucked that presents itself as conservatism while being something else entirely. The beast knows to be false and when the onlooker has figured it out the damage is already done. Thus it is not enough to simply concern oneself with politics to defeat the beast or to vote right-wing and expect that politicians that claim to be good will take care of your nation. A radical shift in mentality is needed, from cultural Marxism to realism, and we need leaders that are good and true and not cucked. The only thing that will keep you from becoming cucked or corrupted in some other way is for you to value something more than your own life and to have a spiritual compass to guide you. Something to value that is more important than yourself: it could be a family, a people or a nation and the compass of a conscience to discern its value and to fight for it. Having these also enables you to recognize that same goodness in others and avoid electing cucked leaders.

In Europe we are losing our nations. We are losing our people. We are losing it all. Our biggest, immediate threat is that of Muslim immigration, and sooner or later the war with the Muslims is coming. It won’t be a missile war this time, but a medieval war of blood and gore taken to the streets. It may go on for a very, very long time, just as the middle east has been at war for a very, very long time.

There is an ongoing world war and it’s as old as good versus evil by way of fixed ideas. The shift in mentality is now or never. Donald Trump is doing the world a great service, and if Europeans wake up enough fast enough, Europe might be able to rise up to save itself. But this time we have to deal with cultural Marxism once and for all else the frog will continue boiling and the decline of our civilizations continue with more wars to come. And the doom that awaits us if we fail is plain to see.

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