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Why Theodor Herzl Was Right and Always Will Be

Leftists do not mind “racists” because “racists” make up half of a Hegelian dialectic; you have “anti-racists” and “racists” warring it out, distracting from the real question, which is strength as always. Leftists fear and hate strength like they hate health and intelligence; these things are threats (to them).

History will most likely record that Leftists are the result of mutation load brought on by permanent agricultural civilization. Life got easy, and that allowed many waste humans to survive, and these waste humans band together to ban competence so that they can feel safe in taking over society and destroying it.

They are self-destructive in their lives — illusionary beliefs are the preferred form of human suicide, since nature does not tolerate anti-realism — so why would they be different with civilization? They want freedom from adaptation to reality, and they would rather self-destruct than change their thinking.

For years on this site we have advocated ethno-nationalism as an antidote to both “racism” and “anti-racism.” You do not have “racism” without first having diversity; without diversity, there is no cause for “racism” except the mildest form, namely poking fun at other groups, and people will do that anyway to any number of types of grouping.

Long ago, Theodor Herzl observed the fallout from the Dreyfuss Affair and concluded that diversity created “racism” (and “anti-Semitism”) and therefore, the solution was to end diversity by resettling Jews in Israel:

The Jewish question exists wherever Jews live in perceptible numbers. Where it does not exist, it is carried by Jews in the course of their migrations. We naturally move to those places where we are not persecuted, and there our presence produces persecution. This is the case in every country, and will remain so, even in those highly civilized—for instance, France—until the Jewish question finds a solution on a political basis. The unfortunate Jews are now carrying the seeds of Anti-Semitism into England; they have already introduced it into America.

We might perhaps be able to merge ourselves entirely into surrounding races, if these were to leave us in peace for a period of two generations. But they will not leave us in peace. For a little period they manage to tolerate us, and then their hostility breaks out again and again. The world is provoked somehow by our prosperity, because it has for many centuries been accustomed to consider us as the most contemptible among the poverty-stricken. In its ignorance and narrowness of heart, it fails to observe that prosperity weakens our Judaism and extinguishes our peculiarities. It is only pressure that forces us back to the parent stem; it is only hatred encompassing us that makes us strangers once more.

We Jews are even now constantly shifting from place to place, a strong current actually carrying us westward over the sea to the United States, where our presence is also not desired. And where will our presence be desired, so long as we are a homeless nation?

No one likes elegant solutions like what Herzl offers here. He solves the problem with a simple rule that cuts to the core of the problem: poly-ethnicism produces ethnic strife, so end the diaspora and switch to mono-ethnicism to end the enduring conflict that always simmers under the surface.

In this way, he zoomed right past the “racism” question to the question of strength. What makes a strong society? Ethno-nationalism is a necessary but not sufficient condition; it must also avoid pitfalls like democracy, equality, socialism, and dysgenics. But without that ethno-nationalism, no survival is possible.

Turning his back on the Abrahamist approach, Herzl argued that moralizing about the issue was useless but practical thinking could solve the problem. This is a hallmark of the intelligent and forthright. His same lessons could be applied today in fixing the West through remigration of anyone who is not wholly ethnic Western European.

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