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Why The West Is Ready To Be Free Of Courts And Governments

Our elites seem baffled at why they are hated, and yet, because all of their actions are reactions to human ideas and human trends, they are unable to keep doing what it is that makes them hated. Witness this mental retardation from Finland, of all places:

In April, a 35-year-old man from Hyvinkää, a town just 50km north of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, heard a knock on the front door of his suburban house and rushed to open it. As soon as he unlocked it, three strangers rushed in and launched at him, toting baseball bats and a gun. The man retreated to the kitchen, where he found a knife and with it was able to overpower the intruders, two men and one woman.

The homeowner has been convicted of “excessive self-defense and attempted manslaughter,” Helsinki news reports. He will serve an unconditional sentence for four years and two months, which he has to spend in prison. The man also has to pay damages to his attackers, with the fine totaling €21,000 (US$23,000). The newspaper does not provide information on the severity of injuries sustained by the home-invaders, however, it is known that they survived the event.

The attackers were also convicted for felony home invasion and assault, yet [they] received one-year-and-two-month conditional sentences, which is similar to probation or house arrest in Finland, depending on the case…The trio was also ordered to pay the homeowner damages, but their combined fine was ruled to be €3,000 (US$3,300).

Witness egalitarianism in action! If a poorer/dumber/uglier/fatter person robs a wealthier/smarter/attractive/thinner person, the latter must subsidize the former. When you think about it, such “Robin Hood” schemes are necessary for equality, because if some rise above the rest, they must be penalized in order to keep the vastly numerically superior population content.

We may see it as “virtue signaling,” but to the type of people who succeed in this system, it is essential to be neurotic and schmaltzy in this way, because that is how they show they are here for the individual. That pleases all individuals, and forms a better symbol-product that voters, consumers and social group members are flattered by, leading them to support the person who did it, even if it is obvious that this is just sick conformity.

More virtue signaling from Germany:

German police in a coordinated effort conducted a series of raids targeting hate speech online. Federal police (BKA) performed operations in 14 of Germany’s 16 states, reportedly investigating roughly 60 suspects. No arrests were made but computer equipment, cameras and smartphones were seized in the first-ever mass raids targeting online hate speech.

The operation focused in particular on the German state of Bavaria, where according to police sources, a secret Facebook group had posted messages glamorizing National Socialism, which is illegal in Germany. The police said that this group and others spread xenophobic, anti-Semitic and other radical far-right content.

…Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere meanwhile said that “violence, including verbal violence, in any form and in any context” was “unacceptable.”

The individual fears any standard higher than himself. This causes a “race to the bottom” so that everyone feels included, which requires standards so low they do not exist. In order to achieve this, governments and courts attack anyone who is not actively repeating the zombie-like mantra of equality.

The West wonders why it has a dying population; here is why. We live in Hell. We are ruled by idiots and lies. Life has become a task of tolerating all the incompetence, stupidity and dysfunction around us — a privilege we pay with our time, money, and energy — so that we can claim that our standards are so low that everyone is included.

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