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Why The Far Right Never Took Off

Expressed succinctly by a former member of Evil Skins:

The game was that we would be the craziest, everyone was zealous. We jumped on the heads of our enemies. Such violence was present, blood constantly stained our clothes. It was such an urban guerilla atmosphere where the streets had to belong to skinheads. That was the 80’s spirit. We had to do all you can do to not lose. The honour to be a skinhead was in us even in our dreams. I was just like this at this time.

The truth is that we did not love anything and we didn’t care for others. We were not interested in being rock stars, we were simply street skinheads. So no one came to see us and we did’nt have any contact with the larger scene as a whole, just with some skins of Tolbiac, Bonsergent, and “des Halles” who were real street skinheads.

Evil Skins is difficult to understand, because at this time we were skinheads whom were not really intelligent. We cultivated rather stupidity and wickedness. As the song says, “We are stupid and nasty skinheads and the worst of all is that we are happy.” We were a little bit like people who enjoyed being without brain. We were close to being pit bulls, ready to bite people. That was roughly the level of the band. All this washed it down with beer and that does not help. In short, it was difficult for guys like us at that time to think about change. Everyone was trained in this brainwashing.

…There was a time of contact with real fascists who wanted us recruited, but it is not possible. We were guys from the streets, politics is derided. We just loved to brawl. After you get provoked, you have a natural opposition and enemies that increased your provocation.

The Far Right has not succeeded in separating mere resentment from the desire for a better world. Instead, we get people who want to beat the other team, but have no idea what positive changes they desire to make. This just strengthens the existing political narrative, with two groups of monkey clowns running around and beating on each other while everyone else just shrugs and writes it off, letting the farce go on ad infinitum or until society collapses, whichever comes first.

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