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Why liberals support multiculturalism

I’ve found that in most situations, there’s a preacher-type person who talks a good game and pleases everyone with his altruism and kindness.

Usually, this is the most corrupt person, because no one says out loud what they are actually thinking. Good people talk in abstractions about what has worked in the past, and they don’t tell you things to make you think they’re good. Tyrants fool you.

I now understand why liberals in America and Europe support multiculturalism: to smash the ruling demographic of white people, who apparently are either aware of preacher-types or have such commonsense conservative values that they are immune to them.

Vote by Sex and Race
Total Obama McCain Other/No Answer
White Men (36%) 41% 57% 2%
White Women (39%) 46% 53% 1%
Black Men (5%) 95% 5% N/A
Black Women (7%) 96% 3% 1%


Whites, except a few drones who live in the cities, want conservative candidates. That’s because if you want to have a family and a position of responsibility in society, you start to think like a conservative.

Liberals, outnumbered and feeling self-righteous for themselves being a minority, have essentially imported an electorate and stuffed them in the cities with white failures — people who are not headed toward positions of responsibility, but will always follow someone else’s orders — to outnumber and overwhelm the conservatives.

Indeed, Obama won in all regions of the country but the Deep South, piling up big wins in the perennial Democratic bulwarks on both coasts and making deep inroads into New South states, the industrial and agricultural heartland and the fast-growing Rocky Mountain West.

But perhaps most spectacularly, he found victory with a multiracial coalition that has the makings of a formidable political base of power.

If his was the first 21st century campaign, his victory was powered by a new face of America: comprised of all ethnicities, hailing mostly from cities and suburbs, largely under 40 years old, and among all income classes.


Obama won the presidency with the support of 63 million voters, but he must now win the confidence of the other 56 million who thought McCain was the better candidate.


This time, it seems to have worked.


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