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Obama voters made anti-gay marriage bill pass

Around 70 per cent of the African-American voters who overwhelmingly backed Mr Obama also approved Proposition 8, helping pass the controversial ballot measure despite a small majority of whites voting against the ban on same-sex unions. Hispanic and Asian voters were split on the issue.

The state’s black turnout jumped to 10 per cent of the electorate, up from 6 per cent in 2004, as voters inspired by Mr Obama flocked to the polls for the first time. The Democratic candidate took the state with 61 per cent of the popular vote.

Although the president-elect opposed the gay marriage ban, it appears his supporters may have helped pass the measure that was vociferously opposed by many white Democrats.

The Telegraph

I thought the Left instructed them to vote along “Progressive” lines?

The Left instructs its disciples to view minorities as pets. You care for them, you defend their legal rights, and you clean up their poop, but you still own them. You get the moral buddy points for being a good person who helps small animals and minorities, and you also get what you really wanted, which was an attack force against the demographics of conservatives.

But then, sometimes, your pets do unexpected things. This should create LOL in the future.


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