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Tom Clancy on the American Left

As myself a devotee of J. S. Bach rather than Elvis, and of “I, Claudius” rather than “Dallas,” permit me to observe that cultural imperialism is at best a misnomer, and at worst yet another case of thet favorite activity of the American political left–self-hatred. If American “art” spreads aboard (my books sell rather well over there, by the way) it is because people free choose to support it, not because nasty imperialist American impose it on others.

I visited England for the first time immediately after the Libyan bombing mission. I asked virtually everyone I met for an opinion, and the replies were uniformly as follows: “Do it right the next time. If you’re going to bomb the bahstahd [the Brits give that word such dignity!], finish the job.” Which struck me as entirely sensible, and which is why the French did not allow us to overfly their country.” Brits DO complain about the seemingly absurd barriers we place at out borders, but the truth of the matter is that any American who’s reentered our country can testify that the federal agencies involved treat everyone poorly. I was astounded how easy it was to enter U.K. at Heathrow.

By the way, if people dislike our government so much, why do so many line up to become citizens.


Self-hatred is a sign of neurosis, itself a sign of civilization decline.

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