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Why leftism rages out of control

An interesting article from the Salisbury review confirmed our suspicions that the BBC is 90% Marxist-leaning. But it also provided insight into why leftism is so uncontrollable:

One answer might be that the organisation is suffering from malfunctioning feedback loops. The economist Friedrich Hayek maintained that one of the reasons state-controlled economies don’t work is that they’ve deliberately foregone the information provided by the market, especially prices (which is why, for instance, Venezuelans now find it almost impossible to buy toilet-paper and why, if Ed Miliband wins the next election, we’ll soon run out of electricity). In The Open Society and Its Enemies, the philosopher Karl Popper argued that totalitarian governments were all doomed because – by suppressing all internal criticism – they were unable to tell when the people’s anger was about to boil over into open revolt (think of the fear on Ceausescu’s face when he realised that the mob he was addressing wasn’t cheering him, but baying for his blood).

These feedback loops are the reason people like myself prefer organic civilizations.

In organic civilizations, the feedback loop is between human and the world itself; in bureaucratic civilizations, the loop is between the human and world, mediated by a man-in-the-middle which is public perception.

Liberalism, which is based in the desire of the individual to be equal rather than any reality of a similar form, naturally gravitates toward being manipulated because reality is optional. All that matters is the social opinion of the crowd.

While this analysis of the BBC is probably correct in the small, the same syndrome may apply to liberalism at large. It would explain why liberals are oblivious to the fact that, every time they seize power, they launch society down a further bad path based on wishful thinking.

It is fortunate this oblivion strikes leftists. It enables us to at some point make the credible argument that not only is the left the Establishment, but the left is the form that every Establishment takes: a bureaucracy manipulating people with ideology while in fact existing in a parasitic relationship to its constituents.

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