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Why is Israel on Fire?

Israel just experienced its 9/11 incident where a few things came together: a new type of warfare, a complacency borne of relative peace, and an infusion of cash from Iran and possibly its allies Russia and China but also certainly from the USA, which under Joe Biden tried to negotiate middle eastern peace by buying off the Arabs.

Most likely Israel had no idea this was coming — the usual conspiracy theories will float around suggesting that Netanyahu desired this, and sacrificed some of his citizens to get a blanket justification for war, and maybe those are true, who knows — because it was still looking for the old model of attack.

In the old model, Hamas and others lobbed over explosive rockets fairly randomly at civilian areas. This time, Hamas attacked military targets in a synchronized blow using trained militiamen who quickly created absolute chaos by hitting multiple locations at once, sending the military in different directions without being at strike strength.

While they did this, they unleashed a rocket barrage that simply overwhelmed existing air defenses, launching thousands of rockets in a short window. They also attacked outposts staffed by younger and inexperienced soldiers who were familiar with more of police action style activity than open warfare.

Had Hamas attacked the way it had the past few dozen times, Israel would have easily fought it off. But coming out of a holiday after years of being able to swat away most of the rockets, the IDF was unprepared for what was effectively a multi-front attack by massed militia.

Unlike the previous homebrew rockets that Hamas had been sending over, these new missiles were designed by people with experience making things go boom in an accurate way, probably loaned over from Iran or Russia. As part of their challenge to the reigning superpower, these nations have allied.

In particular, they have set up their own little economy. China resells Iranian and Russian oil, Russia buys weapons from Iran, China provides weapons to Russia and Iran, and this takes the world attention off of the economic collapse of the Global South in the wake of COVID-19 and the failure of the Russian effort in Ukraine.

How can one say Russia has failed in Ukraine? Russian success there would look like a blitzkrieg: vehicles and men rolling over terrain, taking a great deal of it, and then paralyzing the Ukes by seizing Kyiv and other central nodes of the economy. That would end Ukraine.

Instead the world saw a grinding war in which the former Red Army was not performing up to expected levels, and in fact seemed bogged down in a quagmire where they were killing lots of Ukrainians, but not able to hold stable ground. Even worse, Russian casualties were much higher than expected.

This fails to achieve what Putin wanted, which was a show of Russian military strength as it seized the warm water ports it has always wanted as well as agricultural land that could possibly make the country more solvent. Apparently the CIA got in there early and helped prep the Ukrainians for a powerful resistance.

This means that as of six months into the war, Russia lost by not achieving its goals. It did not lightning strike paralyze the Ukrainians. It did not have a stable claim to the land. Even more, it ended up looking like a bloated machine wracked by corruption which was not ready for a serious war.

As a result of the sanctions imposed upon it, Russia has been forced into a trade union with the Chinese and Iranians, and finding itself short of weapons in the grinding war of trench attrition that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has become, has been getting chummy with the Iranians for their supply of drone weapons.

Somewhere in here, thanks in part to US cash from the clueless Biden administration, which pursues symbolic ideals to the point of denying reality and therefore leaves nothing but collateral damage in its wake, Hamas was able to get new weapons and training so that it could prepare for its own blitzkrieg.

By the time afternoon rolled around on the first day of the strike, the IDF had mobilized to near full strength and was repelling the invaders. Even more, however, the mood in Israel shifted, and it became clear that Netanyahu had not one but two mandates by the popular will.

First, the ethno-nationalist Right was proven correct about Palestine: there is no way to live with them. Ironically, the population that after WW2 demanded diversity as a means of protecting against future Holocausts, and who can blame them, has now found itself realizing that diversity in Israel at least is a path to death.

They know that even if they beat down the Palestinians with weapons, the Palestinians will simply outbreed the higher-IQ Jews, and then vote them into obscurity in the ballot box like has happened in South Africa, California, or Northern Ireland. Whoever has the most warm bodies wins the vote and decides the future.

At this point, even the Israeli Left, which like all Leftists is composed of contrarians who feel a sense of power in denying reality despite the inevitable collapse that eventually creates, has accepted that diversity is dead in Israel. Netanyahu has his mandate to level as much of Palestine as he wants and possibly to drive them out.

After all, “Palestinians” are more properly known as Jordanians, Egyptians, and Syrians who reside in Israel, having taken over the land after the Romans yeeted the Jews and began the diaspora that ended somewhat in the nightmare of the second world war.

Second, however, Netanyahu has a mandate to strike Iran, and he also has a broad international coalition behind him. Nothing drives the zeal of democracies for warfare like the killing of civilians. As Europe, the UK, and US are swamped by refugees from outside and race riots from within, diversity fatigue is setting in there, too.

Most likely, Iran has thanks to Russia and China a surprise planned for any attackers, namely lots of shiny new anti-aircraft gear. They want America and Israel to attack because if they manage to shoot down even a few planes, it will turn the focus of the entire Arab world toward Iran, solidifying the power of its leaders despite its weak economy.

Even more, an attack an Iran might cause other Arab states to enter the fray, which could see Israel attacked from all sides and draw the Great Satan into another ground war. That in turn could make the Arab world feel its power much as the Russians hoped to in Ukraine.

Back in Israel, the mood has shifted from confidence in peace to looking toward a long war. There is now no way to avoid conflict of some sort, and it means a clash with the enemies who have stayed away for the most part since the 1970s. That means a full military conflict with foreign nations.

Otherwise, these attacks are not just the Israeli 9/11 but its LA Riots and BLM riots as well. Diversity which seemed manageable has now made it clear that it will never be managed. If it is not actively blowing things up, it is planning to and stockpiling munitions to do so.

This shows us the same cycle America has been caught in for centuries. Diversity must attack, because a population is either conquered or conquering, and no one wants to be conquered, so they must attack the host majority. When diversity attacks, retaliation must come, leading to an eye-for-an-eye cycle that eventually grinds down the host population.

Israel is now making it clear to the world that even if we do not like Hitler’s methods, he was right about diversity: it cannot be tolerated because the presence of foreigners begins the process of genocide. The only way out is to end diversity, for example through reparations-for-repatriation which sends Palestinians to Jordan, Egypt, and Syria.

This will have ripple effects beyond a regional conflict. Politically, the idea of ethno-nationalism has been revitalized by the presumed victims of ethno-nationalism in the last world war, and the debate over “terrorism” has shifted to one over the presence of diversity within a country and the effects it has.

As Sweden burns, Germany grapples with knife crime, and the endless boats swamp Europe and the UK while the wave of lawbreaking immigrants from the South inundates America, the world is reckoning with its conclusions after WW2. Just as 9/11 showed us fighting the last war and surprised by the next, our thinking is stuck in 1945, or was until now.

Diversity has jumped the shark, as a pundit once wrote. It has shown itself to be paradoxical and unmanageable. There is no way out except ending diversity, at least if one wants to survive, and now even the slowest of voters have realized that this is not another public image vote, but a choice of life or death. A newer world order awakens.

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