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DiversityWatch (October 7, 2022)




  • Thomas Sowell on the Trouble With ‘Social Justice’

    Sowell is an economist and understands the need for “inequality” to drive competition and maintain complex structures. He points out that egalitarians are Utopians who reject the way economics and nature work for a humanist symbolic reality that does not work so well in application.

  • My Europe: ‘Trip wires’ for peace in the Western Balkans

    Another diversity crisis, ignored by democracy and therefore reaching the breaking point yet again, threatens to destabilize Europe.

  • Misty Copeland calls for more inclusive ballet-shoe emojis, sparking race debate

    Magic Eight Ball says that today, pink ballet shoes are “racist.”

  • Against the Black Pill

    America is also governed by an all-encompassing civil rights regime that essentially mandates that those who have the privilege of belonging to a so-called oppressed identity group (blacks and women, first and foremost, followed by Hispanics and members of the so-called LGBTQ community) be admitted, hired, and promoted ahead of those who do not (straight white males, above all), regardless of qualifications or competence.

    Turns out Hitler and the Confederates were right about diversity: it destroys nations.

  • The Navy and Diversity

    In Late Stage Democracy, ideological symbolism is more important than achievement, leading to weakness.


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