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DiversityWatch (October 8, 2023)


  • UNLV law school apologizes for using word ‘picnic,’ changes it to ‘Lunch by the Lake’

    PC zombies do not even bother to look up the word they are banning. The term “picnic” comes from the French and shares a root with pike.

  • Israel faces ‘long, difficult war’ after Hamas attack from Gaza

    The same fate awaits all mixed-ethnic nations. The diversity conflicts eventually go hot.

  • Eric Adams supports controversial bill which decides whether black New Yorkers deserve reparations for slavery

    Racial payoffs everywhere you look to keep that diversity vote in line.

  • Historically black college’s allegations of racism debunked by investigation

    Manufacture headlines, get free money.

  • Under the radar, US approves release of $75m aid to Palestine

    The Leftist side of democracy, motivated by individualism, is driven by pity, and therefore reaches out to every underdog group it can identify, sewing the seeds for future conflict.

  • The hypocritical mindset of the woke elite that exposes the huge ideological gulf between Labour and the Tories

    One of the concepts I cover in the book is that of ‘luxury beliefs’ –defined as ideas or values that confer status on the wealthy, but are not fully embraced or practised by them. The influence of ‘luxury beliefs’ as a means of winning social esteem has been charted by a number of academics, led by Rob Henderson, formerly of Cambridge University. Their fascinating research shows that in the past, members of the old elite derived their sense of status from physical manifestations of wealth, such as fine clothes, jewellery, foreign travel, servants, private carriages and large properties. But today, with prosperity spread across society, such ostentatious displays of riches have less significance. So, instead, the quest for social status now focuses more on ‘cultural capital’ than ‘economic capital’.

    As we told you some time ago about luxury beliefs:

    Our government is based on this form of power, called control, which relies on changing minds by making certain behaviors taboo and punishable. They need to control minds to perpetuate a sense of legitimacy, since this keeps people from reducing their output to the minimum. That happens anyway over time because control-based societies rule through subjugation by humiliation, forcing people to accept obvious untruths and negative outcomes as legitimate goals and the best possible option.

    Like most human endeavors once a group gains enough control of its surroundings to be able to indulge in the luxury of solipsism, altruism consists of denying the law of nature in order to engage in worship of the human.

    These “luxury beliefs” are simply advocacy of further democratization, and “the rich” use them to signal membership in the Party-protected class, imitated by all the wannabes who think that doing what others do will magically make them wealthy.

  • Humza Yousaf dubbed ‘national embarrassment’ for failing to condemn Israel terror attacks

    Your tribe is not his tribe. Your values are not his values. Those come from genetics and identity, and his will never fully be yours, even thirty generations from now. Diversity is a death trap.

  • EU leaders clash with Hungary over proposed laws on migration

    European unity fragments as the countries with less excess wealth balk at taking their “fair share” of the migrants. Diversity is destroying democracy elegantly and systematically.

  • ‘Like a horror movie’ – how a music festival became a nightmare

    Diversity brings Kosovo, South Africa, Northern Ireland, and Tigray conditions to any country stupid enough to adopt it.

  • Some in Toronto celebrating mass murder of Israelis as death toll mounts

    Westerners like to think that if we bring foreigners here and teach them our ways, those ways — government, values, social organization — will live on in those new generations. Instead, they simply toss that stuff aside and keep doing what they are genetically programmed to do. In this case, the Canadian Union of Publi Employees represents its diversity workers instead of that old Anglo sense of fair play.

  • Arizona Supreme Court lowers minimum score to pass state bar exam

    Under diversity, standards must fall in order to be inclusive.

  • Has Soviet self-censorship come to Britain?

    Yet increasingly, Britain has started to remind me of the system I thought I’d left behind forever. Of course, it isn’t called communism this time, but various names like ‘Diversity’, ‘Equality’, ‘Inclusion’, ‘Multiculturalism’. Just like communism, it takes the ideals of the brotherhood of man but then adds on others from western individualist tradition – LGBTQ rights, open borders, MeToo (a full pantheon is getting ever more complex, potentially wrong-footing you at every turn). Like communism, it presents many ideals which, on the face of it, are hard to disagree with: equality of the sexes and of different races, for example – and then constructs a kind of secular religion out of them.

    Diversity has kicked open the door to a Communist soft coup in the West. People like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden do not worry, because as Inner Party members, they will be able to keep their wealth and add to it something more valuable, power at the end of a gun. They never think about the future ruin they will leave behind.



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