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Why Do Minority Groups Defend Each Other?

When you look out there at the political spectrum, it becomes clear that no minority groups vote conservative. Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Jews, Irish, Italians, and even the French tend to vote for the Left. We can understand this through an analysis of diversity itself.

A recent example comes to us from Houston, Texas, where the black-run government is protecting Hispanic illegal aliens by refusing to disclose voting records:

The complaint alleges that Bennett “repeatedly denied the Foundation’s request and brazenly ignored the federal basis” for the request. The complaint noted that Bennett stated she denied the PILF’s “access to the records under the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA), a law which has utterly no bearing on the Foundation’s request or the power of the Defendant to conceal the election records.”

…Nine years earlier, Sullivan’s predecessor, Paul Bettencourt, now a Texas state senator, told members of the U.S. Committee on House Administration, “nearly one in four” Harris County residents were born outside of the United States and 500,000 were noncitizens. Bettencourt noted “illegal voting and registration by foreign nationals is difficult for my office to prevent without federal assistance.” The complaint notes that “alerts from [immigration authorities] that a registered voter is attempting to naturalize” served as a primary method for cleaning noncitizens from the rolls during Bettencourt’s time.

The records requested by PILF contain the individual stories of how the system is failing its citizens, and how it allows aliens to vote, asserts PILF. “We also will learn how long they existed in the registry before they were removed – and how.” PILF maintains that these records will also quantify how many noncitizens received “amnesty” for their voting records prior to obtaining U.S. citizenship.

Houston is run by a black mayor, Sylvester Turner, and his mostly-African inner cadre in a city that is mostly Hispanic. Who is Ann Harris Bennett?

In cities like Houston, all minority groups vote against the white group which is in fact not a numerical majority despite holding many positions of importance. The reason here relates to the game-playing nature of small groups in a diverse nation.

Each group wants to eventually be in power. However, each sees the majority group — let us assume that Anglo-Saxon whites hold that position, as historically they have in Houston — as a counterbalance to its power and a threat. To that end, they form temporary alliances in order to exclude the majority.

After that is achieved, they aim at first for “Chinatowns” or areas of the city that each controls. Houston has Mexican, Chinese, Arab, Guatemalan, Jewish, Vietnamese, and African neighborhoods. Only when these groups have their power bases built will they engage in direct conflict for who controls the region.

This shows us the future of diversity: endless conflict until there is one last man standing who then takes over and becomes the new majority, a target of everyone else.

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