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Why Did White Nationalism Fail?

White Nationalism ceased to be relevant back in the first Trump campaign. As soon as he mentioned immigration, wanting immigrants from Norway, and the utter failure of globalism, it was clear that American politics had left behind diversity as a sacred rite.

After all, pre-Trump every speech had to include “diversity is our strength” as a projection against the fact that diversity clearly was not a strength for anyone but those at whose stores the government checks were spent.

Cynical observers saw diversity, like anti-poverty, as a justification. You could rationalize anything you wanted as good for diversity and therefore get the big bucks, so everyone did it, just like the generation before they justified their plans as part of the war on some poverty.

After WW2, it became clear that diversity was going to take over because we warred against Hitler and he was a nationalist. Nationalists believe in mono-ethnic societies; in order to avoid the optics of seeming to be pro-Hitler, we had to accept everyone.

This kicked off a period of massive ideological fervor where the West systematically destroyed anything relating to genetics, race, class, and ethnicity. It was the Scopes Monkey Trial part II: in the name of our new (Leftist) God, we could not admit that Darwinism was real and people differ genetically.

Even more, we had to shout down history itself since it was clear that we were failing according to those who had witnessed civilization collapse in Rome and Athens. Diversity replaces one culture with a permissive velvet bag of low standards so it can include all cultures; this leads to disunity.

However, such things could not be mentioned, because you might become like Hitler… or those nasty Confederates… or even the Founding Fathers who explicitly demanded Western European immigration in their early Naturalization Acts.

From William F. Buckley onward, conservatives dodged the Genetics Question (GQ) and instead focused on “freedom” as a means by which we could all co-exist, ignoring the fact that diversity does only one thing well, and that is to shatter civilizations and turn them into third world ruins.

Since that time, we have lived as slaves because we cannot point out the obvious failings of this approach without being called “racists,” getting fired, being ostracized, and finishing out our days living forever alone in a van down by the river.

With the rise of Trump, change hit us in the face: his most significant contribution — in the end, he is more of a moderate, like JFK or Reagan, who knew how to compromise, and has a lot in common with Clinton term one — was that we could talk about these things again.

At that point, movement White Nationalism effectively died; there was no reason for it to exist when we could simply talk about class, race, and ethnicity in a Republican context, and when the argument was reframed as the idea that diversity had gone too far, this had legs.

Most people have reservations about National Socialism and White Nationalism. The former is obvious: it was a Communist-style repressive total State that burdened its people with bureaucracy and war. The latter takes a bit of unpacking.

Nationalism, as historically understood, refers to the idea of one ethnic group per nation. Hitler could unite all Germans as one ethnic group (approximately) with Nordic-Germanic roots. But trying to mush all Europeans into one big racial group provokes dissent.

People are more drawn to their ethnic group than their race. America tries to force the “white race” on us as a construct meaning simply not a minority, but other than in a legal sense, it has little appeal. People know who their people were and want to be consistent with that, at least the sane ones.

Even worse, White Nationalism is not a political philosophy… it is a special interest. Majorities have many interests, and to focus on one at the expense of the others tends to reduce their power to have normal lives.

When you think about it, White Nationalism had eighty years to make significant inroads and it never did. These two reasons explain why. Add to that the constant flow of unhinged personalities and violence, and you can see why ordinary White and whitish Murkans were not signing up in large numbers.

As an estimate, perhaps about a half-million Americans are fond of movement White Nationalism, but ten percent of them are OK with the idea of opposing diversity, with that number climbing, even among minority groups. Diversity is not working well for anyone.

The way things stand now, there is really no room for White Nationalism. We would rather just discuss the problems of diversity in the open without the trappings of extremism and socialism. In the long run, that lets us get closer to action than the sweaty White Nationalist movement ever did.

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