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Starting a Family Despite Modernity

Modern life is self-defeating.  We can see the trend from post-World War II through today:  Abortions? Check. Currency as flexible as elastic with nothing to back it? Check. Gender dysphoria? Chemical additives that are slowly killing us? Junk food and drugs (“legal” and illegal) on every corner? Check, check, check.

It’s no surprise that many men — if we can still call them that — from the early twenties through early thirties have no desire to start a family.  Beyond the above mentioned barriers to a fulfilling life, sexuality has become another app on the phone, an instant gratification trade-off between the sexes, with no consequences, resulting in perverse incentives.  This is just another “benefit” of modernity slowly killing us by reducing our desire to reproduce.  There are very real, scientific reasons this kills sperm count, sex drive, and desire for a long term relationship.

For many men in our forties and older, the aim couldn’t have been more clear growing up if you were raised by decent people; even if they were not always present, their hearts were in the right place:  work hard, find a good woman, have kids.  You wouldn’t know it, but many women have similar goals and are perfectly happy in a domestic setting.  So, assuming you’re fortunate enough to find one like this, and the atrazine in your food supply hasn’t sterilized you such that you’re able to reproduce, how does one stay disciplined with the porn, junk food, and media hell that await any bored children or adults at the tap of a screen?

One has to adopt the mindset that modernity is toxic nonsense and allocate time to fulfilling and rewarding pursuits.  And yes, this does sound a lot easier than it actually is in practice. It requires giving up Netflix, apps that bring food to your door, and apps that make sex a simple transaction.  And more than the apps, of course; the mentality. Delayed gratification is key, and sadly, many have to actively pursue this outside the bounds of what is considered normal.

Many children of the 80s had two working parents, so with spare time, there was endless junk food and TV.  The same part of your brain that becomes hard wired to accept those activities lends itself well to pornography (mid-90s internet, when those same 80s kids were getting to puberty) and later, cell phones (done with puberty and dating/in college? Get yourself a smartphone!).  Is it any wonder men in their 40s are now increasingly experiencing glioblastoma, resulting in early death?

A total of 100 patients (61 males; mean age 60.29±10.09 years) were diagnosed with GBM over the period 2008 to 2017. There was a significant increase in incidence from 0.73 to 4.49 per 100,000 over the 10-year period (p≤0.001). The most common presenting complaint was limb paresis (29%). Approximately 65% of patients were treated with maximum safe resection (MSR). Using Cox regression analysis, younger age at presentation and treatment with MSR significantly improved survival (p=0.026 and p≤0.001, respectively). The median survival was 10 months.

If you were fortunate enough to avoid a childhood and adolescence as described above, kudos and congratulations. If not, there is a way out. Do what you know is inherently good.  Get more sunlight; work out more; eat natural foods from local farms where possible.  Doing this will lead to much more fulfilling social situations, filtering out all the spinsters waiting for the next halfway-cute guy to take her for martinis and an expensive dinner, then hope to God that this one isn’t yet another sexually perverse nutjob when the clothes come off. In short, you’ll meet better quality people, even if that circle seems smaller because you’re not swiping left on dozens of blue-haired overweight drama queens.

From there, find a good woman and reproduce – for all of us who have found the same.  We need more friends like you, and we’re waiting.  Moreover, our children will probably need to fight alongside yours when modernity collapses in on itself like all those black holes the James Webb Space Telescope has revealed to us.

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