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Why Conservatives Love Israel

White people get wound up about “the Jewish Question,” which is mostly White projection: democracy makes us behave like the Jews in anti-Semitic propaganda, and diversity will turn us into a mixed race group of mostly Caucasian just like Jews. We are becoming Jews by our own choices.

Some of us object to the endless Jew-scapegoating because it lets the real culprits — choices our middle class rulers have made like democracy, individualism, equality, diversity, and socialism/entitlements — off the hook and, by chasing a phantom, leaves the problem intact.

We can apply The Prozak Rule here: if every Jew died tomorrow, our problems would remain. If every one of the White idiots out there who support Leftism died tomorrow, however, our problems would mostly go away. You have to know which group to feed into the woodchippers, asylums, jail, or exile.

Scapegoating Jews when things go wrong has a long and dubious history:

The Soviet news agency Tass made the sensational announcement that for the past few years world Zionism and Western intelligence agencies had been conspiring with “a terrorist group” of Jewish doctors “to wipe out the leadership of the Soviet Union.” During the final two months of Stalin’s rule, the MGB struggled to demonstrate its heightened vigilance by pursuing the perpetrators of this non-existent plot. Its anti-Zionist campaign was, in reality, little more than a thinly disguised anti-Semitic pogrom. Shortly before Stalin’s sudden death in March 1953, Mitrokhin was ordered to investigate the alleged Zionist connections of the Pravda correspondent in Paris, Yuri Zhukov, who had come under suspicion because of his wife’s Jewish origins. – The Sword and Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB, by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin (45)

In addition to the above reasons, hating on Jews even in a humorous sense leads to acceptance of an easy answer, and easy answers inflame crowds, so soon you will have a massacre on our hands. This turns us into vile murderers without solving our problems, a double loss.

As if trying to counter this, public conservatives have a fetish for Israel, but not for its own survival but the Christian religious mythos. For all that it whines about Judaism, Christianity recognizes its roots in Judaism and many believe that an apocalypse will happen in Israel.

Since in the Christian mythos, the apocalypse leads to everyone going to the free donut shop in the sky forever everlasting, Christians who subscribe to this vision, called “The Ratpure,” want Israel to exist so that it can be obliterated and everyone can go to heaven.

In short, the root of the public Right-wing fixation on Israel is Christian in nature. This means that the Jewish people define our future. By the same token, the “far-Right” fixation on Jews and Israel reflects a desperate need to find someone to blame for the decline of our civilization.

Perhaps the end calculus will show that to the West, Jews are merely a symbol. They symbolize the mercantile shopkeeper mentality of the bourgeois middle class taking over civilization, and also the presence of diversity and genetic destruction in our future.

Our recent ancestors were smarter than we are. They saw religion as a metaphor and a language for describing spiritual truths, not an end in itself, and consequently read the prophecies and predictions more as abstract stories of how our thinking works than as literal events.

For conservatives to move forward, they will need to recognize that, whatever the role of religion, it cannot substitute for culture, and culture is dependent on race and ethnicity. We cannot wait and hope for the apocalypse. We have to fix our problems here on Earth to honor God/gods.

In the meantime, Israel deserves defending for the same reason that Ukraine and Hungary do. Each ethnic group needs its own nation and a path to choose its own future and manage its destiny. Israel is a good place for all Jews and only Jews.

Conservatism is currently splitting, with the RINOs and neo-Nazis on one side, and the realist conservatives of every stripe on the other. The symbolists want emotional action, but the realists simply want to make civilization function again.

As is often the metaphor around here, realist conservatives view civilization as a garden. Each plant depends on the garden being healthy; no plant can thrive alone. To keep the garden healthy, you need to have only the plants you want, and to make sure the strong ones thrive and the weak die.

This contrasts with the theocratic version of the apocalypse where the weak and strong alike are promoting to the most boring afterlife ever on the basis of their obedience to a foreign (i.e. Israeli) religion, independent of their level of competence.

In the long view, conservatism has never been about theocracy or religion in particular. It has been about conserving the good of what we have learned from the past, not to return to the past but to recreate those conditions for the future so we get the same level of quality.

Fetishing Israel, whether adoring it as a sacrifice or wanting to murder it out of an emotional outburst at the frustration of living in a failing civilization, achieves none of our goals. Anything that leads us from our goals is an enemy within that must be ruthlessly exterminated.

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