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Understanding the New World Order

If we can summarize one goal common to all of humanity, it might be the lowest common denominator of wanting not to be wrong. That is, people are afraid of being proved wrong by the consequences of their actions in reality, so instead they retreat to a cavern of human opinion.

Like a shared consensual hallucination, this forms from the opinions of a group about how the world is bad and nasty but our ideas — those we have here in this warm cave, with this fire and roast antelope — are actually more right and good than reality itself.

Having painstakingly been given free choice by some well-intentioned god or another, humans spend most of their lives running from it. If I throw a spear at a mammoth and miss, I look like an idiot, so it is better to opine that the mammoth hunt is wrong and we can live off fruits and nuts.

Since the days when this drama started, humanity has fought this cycle again and again. As soon as things are going well, the fruits and nuts people take over and ruin them. Healthy societies suppress them but, by succeeding, become wealthy and grow too fast, producing too many such waste humans.

At this point, the fruits and nuts people have just about taken over, even as their system hovers just above failure. They cannot see this since they have rejected reality, therefore are uninterested in real world outcomes, only in public opinion and their social groups.

Until that failure comes however, we are stuck with the New World Order (NWO), which consists of all things which did not fail or become controversial, so might be seen as a compendium of human illusions supported by technology and high finance.

It has the following parts:

  • Liberal democracy: this means democracy with human rights based in constitutions and parliaments. This is a Right-Left hybrid: while democracy is Leftist, the modern state borrows from the Right the idea of imposing limits to keep lowest common denominator Herd impulse at bay.
  • Mixed economy: a free market powers a massive tax infrastructure that constantly cycles money between the overtaxed rich and the benefits-absorbing poor, keeping money in fast motion and therefore ensuring it has value to the markets.
  • Internationalism: immigration, diversity, and globalism turn out to be the same thing, which is a system where the first world uses third world labor and raw material to make higher-margin products, which it then sells back to the third world in an uneasy codependency relationship.
  • Proceduralism: every aspect of this society strives, like most religions, to make bad people behave like good ones by teaching them memorized procedures and methods instead of relying on exceptional people to know what is right, good, sane, and real.
  • Occupationalism: to avoid revolutions, this system relies on keeping everyone busy and at financial risk enough that they dare not deviate, therefore they must keep on the treadmill until they die for fear of ending up in the ghetto or without healthcare.

The NWO came about through managing historical risk. We have a good solid list of things that cause governments to be forced out of power, and our leaders know that first and foremost their job is to avoid those, so the system will never change of its own volition.

Since 1789, much of the focus of those in government has involved avoiding revolutions, which they now know how to do through the benefits state and a constant flow of distractions, deflections, false flags, and psyops. These are simply viewed as keeping the voters too busy to unify on any objections.

Ironically, these governments have very little direct power but instead control society through the markets. When government writes new rules, more jobs are created and sometimes, whole industries vanish, so everyone tries to do favors for government.

Those who find themselves in an NWO society quickly see that they either obey the procedure that society has set before them, meaning school followed by wasting their 20s-40s at corporate jobs until they get promoted enough to live in luxury, or they end up in 30-year-old RVs parked behind Walmart.

Their fake economy has taken over the world. Careerism rules because there is no reward in doing anything well, only doing the things that those above you desire. Money exists only to avoid risks, and the system keeps the money churning by redistributing wealth and then taxing the growth that results.

Sort of like a gnarly worldwide corporation, the NWO has become ultra-efficient at the same time it is massively inefficient. Everyone has a place and every possibility is covered by the rules, and yet most people are simply camping out at jobs doing the minimum to get by because nothing much matters.

Because this system is pointless, it breeds toxic behavior. Most people simply want to sabotage and thwart others for a momentary injection of the feeling of power. Very few people are thinking about end results, quality, or purpose.

Eventually the NWO will expand to cover the world. It does not intend to fight China, only to take it over from within by capturing its economy. It no longer fights colonial wars, but merely cuts off the money supply. They have perfected government for its own purposes.

No one feels they can object to this system because it is so efficient. Wealth floats around and technology keeps us entertained. People have something to do every minute of the day so they do not have to spend much time alone with their thoughts. For most, life is pretty good.

NWO style societies run into problems because people lose faith in them. Existentially, people in the first world countries are wrecked, without a sense of purpose, culture, or anything in which to believe. Lost they seek quack cures, endless novelty, and bully each other for a sense of relevance.

In this the NWO system reveals its fatal flaw: it can control people better than any other historical system, but it cannot motivate them to excel and be good, which is why its institutions are radically declining in quality, its people are not breeding, and general incompetence spreads like HPV.

As we leave the age of symbolism behind, the NWO seems like a dated approach. Its efficiency leads to high entropy and a permanent exhaustion. Its methods are all blocky and categorical, leading to massive amounts of imprecision and consequently, waste.

Even more, it has turned life from a sense of discovery and hope to one of obligation and defensiveness. People have become money-grubbing sociopaths because that is what this system rewards, and they live without hope of life ever having meaning. This is how we know Regime Change is coming.

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