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DiversityWatch (March 9, 2023)


Over the past couple weeks, Narratives have fallen:

  • Masks did not protect us.
  • Vaccines against COVID-19 were in fact dangerous.
  • Lockdowns did not stop the spread.
  • COVID-19 in fact killed very few.
  • Homeland Security et al were involved in social media censorship.
  • The Church has embraced Leftism and transsexualism.
  • Russia is a puppet of China.
  • Diversity or at least half of it thinks “It’s Okay to Be White” is not true.
  • Leftists like Lori Lightfoot can get voted out when crime rises.
  • Hugboxes like New York, Portland, and Austin are self-destructing.

We were told all of these things are not true, just like we have been told for over a century that there are no genetic, biological, and intelligence differences between the races, social classes, ethnic groups, and individuals. It turns out that this too is a lie, and therefore, diversity is a lie, joining the “Big Lie” of equality — from which Marxism, socialism, communism, anarchism, democracy, individualism, feminism, diversity, and permissiveness spring — as things we now know are not good, but in fact are the path to our doom.


  • Half of Black workers want to quit—here’s what companies can do better

    But it seems Black workers are among the most unhappy, with 49% of those surveyed saying that they want to quit their jobs, according to a recent Indeed report. The reasons why Black workers are considering leaving their jobs include pay transparency issues, misalignment of personal values with company values, and wanting a more diverse leadership team.

    Creighton said without more diversity in leadership, a lot of issues will continue to plague the workforce, especially impacting people of color.

    Black people need Black-only workplaces. Do we dare apply the same to Whites?

  • With G20 in India, Global South addresses West

    The war in Ukraine “acted as a catalyst for almost all of the other issues that South Africa and other countries in the South have been upset with Europe and the US over,” Sidiropoulos said.

    One reason they won’t condemn Russia, she explained, is because don’t like “the way the US throws its weight around.”

    Europe’s colonial past is a factor, too, as Sidiropoulos pointed out.

    They scapegoat the West and will never stop blaming us for colonialism, when the truth of colonialism is that they were disorganized and inept third-world kleptocracies that were improved by colonialism. The Europeans did not understand that identity is more important to people than food on the table, which means that we need the silk glove authoritarian rule that the Chinese, Arabs, and Russians use in their colonies instead of the relatively gentle and unpoliticized colonization we attempted. The important thing is that the third world will never like us and will always try to kill us.

  • Finland starts construction of Russia border fence

    Finland decided to build the fence due to a rise in Russians seeking to escape conscription to fight in Ukraine.

    Diversity works nowhere. If Finland lets in Russian refugees, Finns will be ethnically replaced.

  • Insects are vanishing worldwide—now it’s making it harder to grow food

    Insect declines clearly are occurring on a large scale in Asia, just as they have been in Europe and North America. It seems reasonable to assume that the causes are the same. Although we don’t know for certain what those causes are, it seems likely that they operate all over the world.

    Notice the misdirect: the unknown cause is human overpopulation. Most of our politics consists of denying this fact while trying to manage it through immigration and globalism in an attempt to make the third world rich enough to stop breeding, since 90%+ of our population excess occurs in the third world. We are headed toward The Ecocide because we have too many humans and too many of low quality. Any sane authority would execute or sterilize everyone under 115 IQ points and try evolution again, but our religious fanaticism about equality keeps us from seeing this.

  • Study shows ‘striking’ number who believe news misinforms

    Asked whether they agreed with the statement that national news organizations do not intend to mislead, 50% said they disagreed. Only 25% agreed, the study found.

    Similarly, 52% disagreed with a statement that disseminators of national news “care about the best interests of their readers, viewers and listeners,” the study found. It said 23% of respondents believed the journalists were acting in the public’s best interests.

    The media has reported what a small cadre of experts and bureaucrats have believed as if it was absolute truth for decades. They lied about race being genetic, lied about equality being functional, and have been concealing our overpopulation problem; who can trust them?

  • The young Anglo-Indians retracing their European roots

    The term Anglo-Indian commonly refers to people with British and Indian parentage. But legally, it means Indian citizens who are of European descent on their father’s side – which means that their paternal ancestors could be British, French or Portuguese, reflecting the long history of colonisation in India.

    But this blending of cultures has also been a source of discomfort and alienation.

    That feeling of alienation hasn’t entirely disappeared – Anglo-Indians were outraged when their quota of two parliamentary seats was scrapped in 2019.

    Reverse diversity is as real as reverse racism and is just as destructive as diversity in the West. Were their numbers significant, these people would be destroying Indian society and culture. The message here is not “White = Good,” but that diversity = bad.

  • 40% decline in permanent residents becoming Canadian citizens since 2001, data shows

    In 2021, nearly 45.7 per cent of permanent residents who’d been in Canada for less than 10 years became citizens.

    That’s down from 60 per cent in 2016, and 75.1 per cent in 2001.

    “But ultimately, what’s changing is that people have decided that they’re less interested in being `Team Canada.”’

    So much for that assimilation/integration myth. The foreign wants to remain foreign and simply take over instead of being your willing servants. Diversity is just colonialization that happens here instead of over there.

  • Overloading workers with too many difficult tasks in a row makes them more likely to quit

    “There are so many contexts in which quitting is a very common problem. If we could just reduce turnover, it would improve the efficiency of an organization so much,” Schweitzer said. “When organizations think about efficiency, they think about the workflow and using the physical space as efficiently as possible when, in fact, it’s the experience of the people that’s so important.”

    Diversity means that foreign low-cost labor takes over the simple tasks, and forces peasants to work in offices where they are out of their depth. This also explains the massive incompetence wave swallowing up the West, as revealed by the COVID-19 panic and inept response, made worse by Affirmative Action and other disguised subsidy programs.

  • Libya shipwreck: At least 73 migrants presumed dead

    More than 130 people have already died this year making the dangerous journey over the Mediterranean Sea.

    The IOM added that more than 1,450 deaths were recorded by its Missing Migrants Project last year.

    “This situation is intolerable,” said Safa Msehli, a spokesperson for the group.

    As long as you let any in, they will all come. The only way to stop deaths is to totally stop immigration including refugee resettlement.

  • The barriers Black families face in building generational wealth

    For every $1 of wealth held by a white family, a Black family had just $0.25 in 2022, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

    Lower IQ groups always have less money, whether White peasants or imported third world labor. Your elected leaders have only one solution, which is to force private industry to loosen its standards while dumping money on the poor, something that takes up three-quarters of our budgets.

  • Eskom crisis: What does South Africa’s state of disaster mean?

    The country’s state-owned power company, Eskom, has $26bn (£21bn) of debt, old infrastructure, power stations that do not work properly, not to mention a recent strike which crippled the company.

    However, the power shortage has escalated in recent months, with South Africans facing electricity cuts for 288 days last year, while this year there have been electricity blackouts for up to 15 hours a day.

    Diversity cannot keep the lights on. Diverse societies are at war with themselves. Diversity is undeclared race war.

  • Despite massive DEI efforts, UMich students report feeling worse about themselves

    After implementing one of the largest DEI programs among U.S. higher institutions, the University of Michigan found in multiyear campus climate surveys that students felt less fairly and equitably treated than since the start of the initiative.

    The number of students agreeing that they were treated fairly and equitably decreased by about 3 percent since 2016, according to the full results of the survey released by the university in January.

    Putting lipstick on a pig like diversity just makes the pig look piggier. You are handing them pennies and asking for that to make them feel better about being in the wrong civilization.


  • Number of Chinese migrants caught at southern border skyrockets over 700%

    The number of Chinese migrants illegally crossing into the US during the last three months of 2022 skyrocketed by over 700% compared to the same period a year earlier, data shows.

    The Customs and Border Protection apprehended 1,862 Chinese nationals trying to cross the US-Mexico border during the last quarter of 2022, according to numbers provided by Customs and Border Protection.

    Just 229 migrants were seized from the southern border during those same months in 2021.

    If it occurred by any other method, we would call it what it is — an invasion — but our blindness caused by our addiction to equality prevents us from seeing it straight.

    Bill Haydon: That was nothing personal, George. You have to understand. Karla said that you were good; the one we had to worry about. If I were to known as Ann’s lover, he’d figure that you wouldn’t be able to see me straight. And he was right, up to a point…

    George Smiley: Up to a point.

  • 1 in 5 properties across much of Canada are owned by investors. That makes it harder for 1st-time buyers

    The data shows that condominiums in particular — which constitute a majority of newly-built houses in B.C. and Ontario — are held by investors in high numbers. Over a third of all condos in B.C. are investor-owned, with the number jumping to 41.2 per cent in Ontario.

    Experts say the figures raise questions about whom new houses are being built for, and how capital may be distorting the housing market across a country in the grips of an affordable housing crisis.

    When you allow foreign investment, they buy up housing in order to profit from your citizens, who find themselves displaced at the same time diversity forces them out of jobs.

  • Project offers road map for responding to racism as a public health crisis

    The Beyond Rhetoric project, which launched a new website with anti-racism resources, began in 2020 in response to Genesee County commissioners passing a resolution that formally recognized racism as a public health crisis. Genesee County, which is home to more than 400,000 people and includes the city of Flint, is among the hundreds of municipalities across the country that have acknowledged how racism contributes to disparate health outcomes for people of color compared to white people.

    Some of the recommendations in those priority areas include hiring more health care professionals of color, reforming school discipline policies and making community services accessible to people with disabilities and people with limited English proficiency.

    Racism, like terrorism or smoking, becomes a scapegoat upon which we can blame any failures of diversity, but in fact diversity itself is failing even in the absence of racism, which it creates wherever it goes. The “solution” to racism is always to abolish the majority through wealth transfer and reverse discrimination.

  • US state spending historically biased against immigrant, nonwhite communities, finds study

    Districts with more immigrants or larger numbers of nonwhite residents got significantly less money, while districts dominated by US-born, white Anglo constituents received more state dollars.

    Our French Revolution narrative has us hating the rich as poor people always do, and since poor people are poor because of low intelligence or mental health problems, these are usually lies. Sane societies spend their money on the successful people so that the society has more wealth and competence, since everyone benefits from this, even if the poor will never recognize this.

  • Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba lavishing money on US lobbying, Democrat campaigns

    Answerable ultimately to the Chinese Communist Party, the multinational retail and tech colossus was recently accused of conducting espionage for the CCP by a Belgian minister.

    Alibaba isn’t just processing stolen data for Beijing; it is also aggressively lobbying in the United States. Last year, representatives from Alibaba spent more than $2.5 million on U.S. lobbying efforts, according to a recent report by OpenSecrets, a research organization tracking money in politics.

    “Since the 2014 midterm elections, Alibaba has generally skewed toward the Democratic Party,” according to a recent report by the Voice of America (VOA).

    They come to conquer, and find allies in the alliance of neurotics on the Left, who generally want to simply eat the seed corn so we can party today and let tomorrow pay, as opposed to the Right who want to orient us toward success in the future, even if imperfectly like the tards in the GOP.

  • Police investigating racial incident involving students at Springfield elementary school

    Police were informed by the school’s principal that “a group of Black students had gathered several white students on a specific spot of the playground and forced them to state ‘Black Lives Matter’ against their will,”, the police report states.

    Students who tried to avoid the situation were “chased down and escorted, dragged, or carried to the playground,” the report alleges. The group of students also allegedly filmed the students who were forced to make the statement.

    They hate you. Have compassion: for minorities, they either take over, or are ruled by foreign groups who cannot be trusted to have their best interests in mind. The only solution is the Dark Scott Adams Solution of repatriating all non-WASPs to their ethnic homelands, especially the Irish.

  • Israel demolishes West Bank home of Palestinian attacker and approves law to strip Arab attackers of citizenship

    Israeli forces demolished the home on Thursday of a Palestinian behind a deadly shooting in the occupied West Bank, as tensions and unrest surge in the region.

    The military said the demolition was carried out after an Israeli court rejected appeals to spare the residence. The home, in the flashpoint West Bank city of Hebron, was demolished in a controlled explosion. A flash and then grey tufts of smoke were seen emerging from the apartment in the early morning hours.

    Israel says home demolitions are meant to deter future attackers but critics say they amount to collective punishment against the families of assailants and only exacerbate tensions with Palestinians. On Wednesday Israel’s parliament overwhelmingly approved a law to strip Arabs convicted in nationalistic attacks of their Israeli citizenship or residency and deport them if they have accepted stipends from the Palestinian Authority.

    Everywhere it goes, diversity makes the same problems (covert race war) and provokes the same piecemeal response. Time to stop screwing around, and instead simply repatriate all of the Palestinians to nearby Arab countries.

  • Americans Showing Increased Concern About Immigration

    Americans’ satisfaction with the level of immigration into the U.S. has fallen six percentage points over the past year, from 34% in January 2022 to 28% today. This is the lowest reading in a decade, though not the least satisfied Americans have been on this issue over the past 23 years.

    U.S. public satisfaction with immigration was scarcest in 2007 and 2008, at 23% and 24%, respectively, whereas it reached 40%-41% at its highest, in 2017 and 2018.

    In the latest poll, conducted Jan. 2-22, satisfaction with immigration is on par with the quality of public education (29% satisfied) and policies to reduce or control crime (27%) but ahead of efforts to address poverty (15%) and the nation’s campaign finance laws (14%).

    The more immigrants we get, the more people respond that they are “satisfied.” Slowly the votards are realizing that they are being replaced.

  • Trans teacher with Z-size prosthetic breasts dresses as man outside of school, neighbor says

    While parents have raged about transgender teacher Kayla Lemieux being allowed to wear Z-cup prosthetics in front of students, the shop teacher was spotted ditching the controversial fetishistic fashion after work and stepping out in public dressed as a man.

    “He wears prosthetic breasts extremely infrequently,” a resident of Lemieux’s apartment complex told The Post.

    “He puts the breasts on to teach, occasionally when he goes for a walk or when the cops visit.”

    A man tired of getting discriminated against for not being from a protected marginalized group decided to make fun of the whole thing with an obscene cartoonish costume that people were afraid to criticize lest they be seen as anti-equality. Late Stage Democracy has reached the level of public farce.

  • Want to be influential and drive change? Be a woman (on a farm in Indonesia)

    “There were also a number of young men and one older woman who did really well at convincing others to use the scissors. What our result perhaps suggests is that while women and young people don’t usually occupy formal leadership positions in their communities and are not typically central to information and resource networks that result from roles like heading a farmer group, they may have other networks that matter, such as more active kinship ties,” said Associate Professor Matous.

    Kinship — family, race, nation — matters more than official power.

  • Parents speak out against school canceling honors classes in the name of racial equity

    Earlier this school year, the Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) replaced honors classes at Culver City High School with a one-size-fits-all approach that officials said would give students of all races an equal education, the Wall Street Journal reported. Many parents attended the school board meeting to ask the CCUSD administration to reinstate honors classes, which they laid out in a two-page resolution.

    “I have a child in the high school,” one mom told the school board. “It is too easy in his classroom. They say, ‘Mom, they say it’s equity, they say that’s the reason and therefore it’s okay.’ I want my child to be challenged.”

    “We are immigrants,” she added. “My family are immigrants. We came to this country to have a better life, a better education, to get out of poverty … we want to be able to give them a better education … because this is why we chose Culver City.”

    Inequality is part of the mathematics of nature. With equality, you get stagnation. With stagnation, the population declines in competence and complexity is replaced with complication, repetition, or randomness. Nature maintains a low entropy state by having a constant internal battle between lesser and greater competence, sometimes analogized as the battle between evil and good respectively.

  • Majority of Americans oppose race-based admissions, according to poll

    Along partisan lines, 73% of Republicans and 46% of Democrats are against “race-conscious admissions,” Reuters/Ipsos data shows. Majorities in each racial group surveyed also disapproved of race-based admissions.

    Data from an April 2022 Pew Research Center poll supports this trend by showing that 68% of Hispanics, 63% of Asian Americans, and 59% of Black Americans disapprove of using race as an admissions factor.

    Meritocracy — human-designed challenges, usually involving memorization of procedure in the best means-over-ends mentality of bureaucracy, versus more complex real-world applications — is not good, but it is the best we have right now, and keeping it intact means more competence among those in power, which helps everyone. Affirmative Action admissions are just subsidies and they raise costs while lowering quality, which makes everyone suffer.


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