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Why Conservatives Lose

As we write the post-mortem on the American experiment with “limited” democracy, we can now point out that conservatism failed to restrain the destruction after WW2 and consequently, invited genetic obliteration and ideological socialism into the country, precipitating its end.

After the downfall of Hitler, conservatives abandoned all of their organic principles and focused on the idea of making people obey an ideology of conservatism, which makes no sense since as a realist philosophy, conservatism is the opposite of an ideology, or a symbolic dogma.

They were so eager to prove themselves “not Hitler” that they turned themselves into Leftists. In fact, almost all criticism of conservatives boils down to the idea that they are not distinct enough from the Left, forming a uni-party or deep state that simply perpetuates the Leftist bureaucracy.

In contrast, the Left constantly advances because it is a cult which has a messianic Utopian core, the Big Lie of equality, which both explains all failings of its members as a lack of equality, and makes them believe that with equality, a new age of human enlightenment will dawn.

Basically, this is the same pap that they have been preaching since the pompously-named “Enlightenment”: reality is not what it obvious is, instead, we can live in this symbolic, emotional, and social state of mind where everyone is important!

Conservatives lost to this for two reasons:

  1. They were not dramatic enough. Democracy is about manipulating huge groups of stupid, selfish, and ignorant people. They react to emotions and symbols, not facts and logic.
  2. They were not desperate enough. Leftists are self-destructive and do not care if they get shot, so are willing to roll the dice and risk riots, revolutions, and crimes.

How do you counter a fanatical audience that, like the Mongols, attacks with abandon, sacrifices its members willingly, and always retreats instead of confronting a superior force?

First step: stop being individualists. Your personal preferences do not matter; only victory matters. You must unite even if behind the imperfect. The usual kvetching, criticism, and neurosis must stop, and those who refuse to stop with it must be killed or exiled.

Second step: become single-minded. Your goal is to defeat the enemy; even if you wanted to be left alone, they are here now and you must destroy them. This does not mean defeat them symbolically or militarily, but to eradicate them.

Third step: quit being “open-minded.” Maybe they are nice, intelligent, or useful; that does not matter. If they are the enemy, they go into the ground. Period.

Final step: stike at their source of sustenance. If Europe had mobilized, sent armies to Mongolia, and begun killing men, women, and children in a systematic purge, the Mongol raids would have stopped instantly.

1950s conservatives needed to say, “We want WASP America or we’re going to burn it all down and let Hitler or analogues thereof take over.” They needed to put the fear in the Left, then go full Joe McCarthy on them and yeet those crazy Leftists to Venezuela.

Instead, they played nice to get the middle class moron vote, and look where we are now.

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