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Affirmative Action In Action

Affirmative action promotes people on the basis of being from disadvantaged groups alone, and fails to take into account that not all of these people are good. Since enforcement occurs only on the basis of having fired or failed to hire someone from a protected group, these people have immunity against their own bad conduct.

We see this in a stereotypical form in this recent article about an general promoted despite a history of Karenlike behavior which makes her likely a narcissist or sociopath (this seems to be a continuum):

Investigators interviewed more than 300 witnesses to put together a picture of the toxic command climate under Grant. None of those witnesses appeared to be trying to make Grant look bad because she made them work hard and held them to high standards, according to the investigation.

Instead, they consistently portrayed a command climate in which they had to endure abuse from Grant, the investigation says.

“Her leadership is like being in an abusive relationship or marriage,” one witness told investigations. “You’ll do whatever you can to not make her mad, not take another face shot. You’re constantly walking on eggshells.”

If the twenty-first century has a lesson, it is that each group stands up for its own interests except those brainwashed by the mental virus of “equality.” In our efforts to include everyone, we have allowed sociopaths and narcissists to take over.

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