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DiversityWatch (November 4, 2023)


  • Blockbuster show on Genghis Khan opens in France after row with China

    China becomes sensitive about Genghis Khan, in part because China wants to rule Mongolia and in part because the Chinese are the spiritual descendants of the Khan, who conquered a vast mostly-uninhabited territory only for his unstable empire to fall apart. He believed in diversity and religious freedom, too, but on the plus side, essentially killed anyone without a skilled trade, raising the IQ of much of Asia. However, he remains controversial to this day because bringing up the fact that colonialism was a response to invasions of Europe by Muslims, Huns, Mongols, and Moors quickly becomes very unpopular. You attacked first, third world. Now you reap the whirlwind and all that. IMHO genetic memory of Mongol atrocities made it easy for American settlers, once attacked by the Amerinds, to retaliate with great force. They remembered faces like that from the past (Amerinds are Mongolian immigrants).

  • The Jewish American Dilemma

    For the Jews who arrived here in the late 19th and early 20th century, America became even more of a promised land than that sliver of Biblical real estate on the Mediterranean. They succeeded here beyond their wildest dreams. Why dream idly about returning to the Middle East when the USA turned out to be the real Land of Milk and Honey? Hence, a revision in American Judaism became necessary. Next year in Jerusalem was replaced as a central animating principle by an alternate shibboleth: tikkun olam.

    Tikkun Olam means repair the world. This has been driving American Judaism since the early 20th century. Meanwhile, the genocide of the 1940s gave new impetus to next year in Jerusalem for what remained of the European Jews, and thus you get the establishment of Israel in 1948 — notwithstanding the geopolitical legerdemain that actually brought it about. American Jews, while sympathetic to a fault with the founding of Israel, and deeply vested emotionally in its success, had a different agenda in the USA after World War Two. They endeavored to repair America. Tikkun Olam!

    Mostly this expressed itself in Jewish support and involvement in the Civil Rights movement, since the end of discrimination against anybody was considered a good thing for the Jews as well as humanity in general. The country needed a moral repair job, especially after defeating manifest evil in the big war. That effort climaxed in the mid 1960s with the federal legislation that ended Jim Crow policy in voting and public accommodations. Much of the actual on-the-ground work to make this happen was accomplished by Jewish lawyers.

    …This became a growing fiasco for American Jewish liberals, who, by the 1980s, then strove to impose another set of repairs (more tikkun olam) on American society: multiculturalism, meaning it was no longer necessary to promote a common culture that people would be encouraged to assimilate into, to join a consensus of values and behaviors. Instead, all cultures could behave according to their own rules. That hasn’t worked out so well either, and the world repairers have lately had to resort to coercion such as tyrannical diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and the shoving aside of equal opportunity for enforced equal outcomes (“equity”).

    Remarkably insightful. He should point out that tikkun olam is a form of Abrahamic morality which is based in humanism and not, as Kant would argue, “universal maxim” like nature. Thinking only in human terms is solipsism and starts a Hegelian precedence ladder which has people conjecturing unrealistic stuff, provoking even more unrealistic responses, and then sending everyone off into the abyss as they debate symbols with decreasing relevance to reality. Examples of these symbols: justice, altruism, equality, diversity, morality, democracy, empathy, compassion, brotherhood. These are mental tokens that represent vast simplification of the world into ideas that appeal to the human monkey but are not real. As plane derangement hottie Tiffany Gomas — she is cute despite resembling a soft-shell turtle — would say, “That mf’er over there is not real.” But folks, really, that is why you do not do cocaine on planes. My amplifying comment:

    In addition to this excellent article, I think we need to talk about the “other Jews”: Christians. Like Jews and Muslims, they have the Abrahamic belief in metaphysical dualism and a moral god who sees all souls as equal and not valued according to what their bodies and minds can do. This naturally leads to embrace of civil rights and diversity, both of which as it turns out are not only bad things but thoroughly dysfunctional things which destroy civilizations. In my view, this was a theological adaptation of a secular process, namely class warfare by the dumber/poorer against the smarter/richer, and this is how all human civilizations undo themselves. It now lives on mostly in its fully secular form as Leftist humanism and egalitarianism. If you want your civilization to survive, you should oppose this process!

    Christianity is Jewish, or at least has Jewish roots before grafting them onto Plato’s Phaedo. Like most religions, it is not the Word of God but a popular writing like The Learned Protocols of the Elders of Ziyon which compiles existing knowledge, tries to match up the loose ends, and popularizes it by making a more interesting version. Religion is literature, not the other way around. And these religions incorporated what was popular then and popular now among all human groups, which is a desire to retaliate against those who are above average by those below average out of fear that someone might “know better” and therefore the below average will be revealed for what they biologically/genetically are, which is losers in the Darwinian game of life. In my view, this misunderstands Darwinism, which simply says that those who are able to prosper breed more and survive more, therefore gradually replace other genetic strains. You do not get killed off so much as you are gradually bred out, which is what is happening to first world populations like Whites, Japanese, Koreans, North Chinese, and Jews as they self-destruct through egalitarianism, which is secular tikkun olam because it is conjectural Utopianism and therefore has to be messianic and evangelical in order to survive.

  • Judge finds Eastman culpable for ethics breaches in 2020 bid to keep Trump in power

    As the witch hunt intensifies, one man points out the obvious: the radical and extensive lengths being employed to prosecute and ostracize those who criticized the 2020 election point to a cover-up of how fraudulent the 2020 election was. Now he should say the quiet part out loud: and most of the people involved in the steal and cover-up are not White.

  • Accra Reparations Conference 2023

    The Accra Reparations Conference, being co-organized by the Republic of Ghana and the African Union Commission, seeks to promote dialogue, knowledge sharing and actionable strategies among diverse and relevant stakeholders on the way forward regarding addressing historical injustices against Africans and peoples of African descent, through the slave trade, segregation (Jim Crow), colonialism, apartheid, neo-colonialism and neo-liberalism. In various parts of the world, people of African ancestry are pushing the cause for reparations. In the United States, political leaders, religious personalities, grassroots organizations, opinion leaders have been unceasingly and increasingly calling for reparation, generations after generations. The icon of the golden age of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King made several calls for reparation for Black Americans.

    Only reparations-with-repatriation make sense in the long term. Polyethnic societies are miserable. Slavery was probably not as bad as portrayed in the liberal media, nor was it uncommon, and the West ended it after a relatively short (historical) period, but it still was not good, and the only way to fix the situation is to close the open wound that has festered for centuries by repatriating all non-WASPs and giving them some starter money so they have a shot at prosperity in their new home and we can all part as friends.

  • BBC provokes fury for running footage featuring famous Hamas propaganda actor

    Crisis actors are a real phenomenon, at least in the third world. Once again the first world learns that it cannot trust anything at face value that is sourced from these people.

  • Kemi Badenoch: Tech bosses have become too powerful in regulating what we say

    What she does not mention is that these tech bosses were working in collusion with the Left, including various Christians and Jews who have taken Abrahamic morality as literal and wish to push egalitarianism upon all of us.

  • How Indigenous, Black Canadians are impacted by plastic production, use and waste

    No one in democracyland cares about a problem unless action against it can be justified because it plausibly disproportionately hits victim groups. In egalitarian societies, the thriving are those from whom you take, and the struggling are those to whom you give.

  • What a Donald Trump second term would look like

    After his upset victory, he set about turning his broad political vision into action – but with mixed results.

    It was, in the view of those in Mr Trump’s circle, a failure of preparation and a failure of personnel.

    Those were mistakes they don’t intend to repeat if they win in 2024.

    Trump understood the Deep State, but did not understand the tacit deep state, or how everyone in the bureaucracy works to support the diversity agenda because it is advancing their careers; big government comes from this because three-quarters of our budget goes toward anti-poverty and anti-racism programs.

  • High school girl’s field hockey player loses teeth, injured by shot from male opponent

    Another moronic egalitarian policy, Title IX, requires that student athletes not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, which means that if a male wants to play a sport and there is not a male team, he can join the female team, at which point his greater natural strength — males are bigger than females and have more muscular development on average — means that he overpowers the females, in this case missing a shot and hitting a girl in the face instead, shattering her jaw and causing her to lose teeth.

  • Guinea former coup leader Camara taken from prison

    The eighth coup in an African country during the past three years demonstrates the difficulties of diversity even in lands that are not under White control. The Pan-African Union makes increasingly more sense.

  • Migrants Are Flocking to the U.S. From All Over the Globe

    It is Halloween every day: the nice first world people, lobotomized by the Big Lie, hand out free stuff but then are shocked and surprised when the entire world shows up with its hand out, using guilt as a provocation and weapon. If we stop giving out free stuff, and stop our NGOs from subsidizing the third world, they go away back to their homelands and figure out how to live sustainably there.

  • Get to Know the Influential Conservative Intellectuals Who Help Explain G.O.P. Extremism

    A coalition of intellectual catastrophists on the American right is trying to convince people of just that — giving the next generation of Republican officeholders, senior advisers, judges and appointees explicit permission and encouragement to believe that the country is on the verge of collapse.

    Collapse is a long, slow process. You wake up one morning and realize that while you were busy trying to live your life, your civilization became a mixed-race third world wasteland. It is worth avoiding this fate at any cost.


  • NYC pre-K teacher pushes anti-Israel lessons

    With diversity, we are never free from the propaganda. Diversity — a polyethnic society — means that each ethnic group acts toward its own self-interest alone, and therefore, there is no shared sense of “nation.”

  • Editorial: Chicago can be a ‘sanctuary city,’ sure. Just not in my backyard.

    People go along with the diversity propaganda in order to signal obedience to the Herd. Like all people, they are self-interested, so they plan on the consequences of this support not to apply to them, while misdirecting everyone else to waste their time, camouflaging how insincere the whole thing is, and getting ahead of others who take Leftism at face value. This is finally being noticed by those who are finally inconvenienced by what has troubled the southern half of the nation for decades.

  • Nascar Accused of Bias Against White Men in Diversity Efforts

    Equality never made sense. There is no way to make people who have lesser abilities “equal” except through subsidies taken from those of greater ability. This means that in order to end discrimination, you have to discriminate, just like to be tolerant, you have to be intolerant of contrary views. These exceptions show how equality is based on paradox and requires dishonesty on the part of those involved. NASCAR, which implemented dozens of pro-diversity programs in order to fend off accusations of racism after someone notices a knot that resembled a noose on one garage, did its best to avoid the fury of government and the diversity crowd, but in doing so, it became discriminatory, this lawsuit alleges.

  • A World Without Babies

    In some wealthy nations and some poor nations, people have stopped reproducing; the common ingredient is government control and high taxation. All of this money goes to anti-racism and anti-poverty programs, since poverty and inequality provide a pretext and justification for bureaucracy to exercise its powers. If you want to avoid genociding yourselves, avoid diversity.


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