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Why “Back to Africa” Is Gaining Momentum

From legendary Pan-African Nationalist Osiris Akkebala:

There needs to be a return to direct action by Black Afrikans in America not by choice but this time fighting for our Freedom, it’s a proven fact that Civil Rights are not the solution Black Afrikans need to change our living status in the American United States.

For the last approximate Five Hundred Years since our Middle Passage Journey Black Afrikans in America not by choice been believing, faithfully hoping, wanting, and praying for a change in the Black Afrikan in America not by choice living status and since that time of our Enslavement arrival to America we are enslaved in, it has been nothing but a constant repeat in the way we demonstrate our dissatisfaction to the Americans Government about our Enslavement to and in America by white racist prejudice oligarchy capitalist lying deceivers Enslaving Black Afrikans and treating them as being their livestock property.

It is not written nor is it meant to be forgotten, yet Black Afrikans chooses to do so at the urging of those who to this day is living without ever being punished for committing such a Crime as Chattel Slavery against our Black Afrikan Ancestors and here we are been doing nothing but repeating ourselves with the action we take toward those who represent the historic fact of our Enslavement and the present status of oppression we live with today.

All the time with no changes in our behavior in showing our resentment against the Enslavement of our Black Afrikan Ancestors which has all to do with the way we live today without our Freedom to be in Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, Repatriation.

All that we do is the same Damn thing in an act of so called protest, we are set in being active in our belief, faithfully hoping, wanting and praying for a change to come to the living ways of BlackAfrikan people and we have been doing the same Damn thing using the same unoroductive method of us protesting getting no change to come in the way Black Afrikans live today under the guidance of Racism, Prejudice integration assimilation with white folks and anybody not Black getting no change that change with power and authority benefits and the last time I checked the behavior of doing the same Damn thing over and over again constitute to be the action of a stupidity behaving way of living!!!

This is nothing I am making up about Black Afrikan people, take a subjective look at your self, there is no way different in the way we express our self in protest against the injustice we Black Afrikans live with today!!!

The same thing, over and over again with no changes but expecting a change to come after what we Black Afrikans are doing in protest get no change just the same results, continued oppression with no Freedom, Justice, Independence insight, did I hear somebody just indicate that is the definition in the action of stupidity?????

You see Beloved Black Afrikan people, Justice ain’t Justice until you experience it, Freedom ain’t Freedom until you experience it, Independence ain’t independence until you experience it, does it ever occur to Black Afrikan people what we are doing to get a chance to Afrika and our Black Afrikan Status in the world, ain’t working to our benefit, yet we just keep on believing, faithfully hoping, wanting and praying for a chance to come to the way Black Afrikans are living without freedom today and what that signifies of us Black Afrikan people doing the same damn thing over and over again expecting a change to come but it never does and you get angry with me for not ignoring our flaw in the way we behave today, living without Freedom behaving stupidly in the way we show our dissatisfaction to that racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being!

Expanding on this: no group has any hope of a future until it is on its own continent, with its own nations, and control over its own future, which requires removal of all other groups.

Bring the Boers to America, repatriate the diversity of all sorts from America, and let’s try this again with sanity on our side this time.

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