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Why Are Sexual Deviants So Often So Unappealing


The Guardian, from which the above photo is taken, features Portland in an article about acceptance of non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships.

Like all on the Left, they are cheering on this depravity because the sole motivation of the Left is hatred for normalcy, which the Leftists fear because they believe that by any reasonable standard, they would be found wanting and therefore, standards (and with them culture, race, history and values) must be destroyed.

But an impartial observer might ask why the people they find for these articles always look so unappealing: a simpering man, a chubby woman with, another woman with vacant eyes? It is as if they are advertising acceptance for not just normalcy, but outright mediocrity, because that way no Leftist feels lesser for being lumpy, unattractive and unmasculine.

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