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Whoopi Goldberg Employs Tactical “Racism”

Amerika has a different demographic profile than did America. People not yet spelling it with the “K” will probably fail to comprehend the new neighbors. Race has become a term like any other in the Post-Modern dictionary. Interested parties fight over a functional, normative definition. That definition deliberately warps the literal meaning of the word for self-dealing purposes.

Leftists believe in a materialist world. Therefore, it’s all about grabbing the material. When Whoopi (((Goldberg))) evaluates race, she is asking how she can rape-rape it for whatever it remains worth.

She may not have meant to, but this week Whoopi Goldberg waded into a charged discourse that has polarized the Jewish community — and those who seek to discriminate against them — for centuries.

The controversy began brewing on “The View,” the daytime talk show she co-hosts, during a discussion Monday over the recent controversy over a Tennessee school board’s decision to ban “Maus,” the iconic graphic memoir about the Holocaust. The genocide was “not about race,” she said, it was instead about “man’s inhumanity to man.” And it involved “two white groups of people.”

The man pretty fly for a White Guy handles this issue by joining the Anglo Diaspora. These people can decode listings. They will pay that $50K premium for a crappy fixer-upper if the neighborhood has “really good schools.” This has nothing to do with whether he even has children that would attend the nearby “really good schools.” He is not buying education with that higher property tax. He’s paying a racegeld to stay clear of knee-grows.

A little diversity proves nicely ornamental. Provided it just include the talented 10th. Let that diversity start including the 3rd or 4th decile of diversity, and it’s time to boot back up again.

This way of life can only work if certain preconditions remain fulfilled.

1) This person tends to have enough prosperity to eat a loss on a real estate deal and assume a stupid level of debt.
2) They have a certain set of standards and are judgmental enough to know that you get what you are ignorant enough to tolerate.
3) They are far more culturally and racially nationalistic than they would ever admit in public.

4) They possess a set of skills that make them employable and useful as a human commodity. Their resumes consist of what they can and will do; not who they are.

So let us assume a person for who point four is dramatically untrue. This sort of person makes it all about race, gender, ethnicity, and a mythological version of actual historical events. Those who can’t do try teaching. Those who cannot teach work in HR. Those too incapable of withstanding the consequences of their personal mediocrity well enough to work in HR or clerk at the DMV wind up claiming racial victim status.

Victim status is a form of subtle coercion. Let it work, and low value human beings will see it as the easy ticket to a less challenging life. This also requires meeting preconditions.

1) Victim status requires some claim to victimization that they cannot change through individual volition. Skin color, gender, birthplace or anything else that you literally cannot change will work.

2) A history of bad outcomes based on the condition that satisfied precondition 1. This history has to be malleable enough so that the victim status claimant can *blame* these outcomes on the actions of others that are beyond that victim’s control.

3) A grievance-industrial complex must champion the victim status claimant in return for a cut of the take. Some mechanism like White Guilt has to exist to extract payment for the victim in return for nothing.

4) The victim status claimant has to give up his or her unique identity and become an archetype of some victim class. It becomes who they are and it is all anyone sees when they look at the victim.

Therefore, what happens to this particular (((Goldberg’s))) victim status meal ticket if the definition of race doesn’t produce enough White Guilt? Cut down on the White Guilt, and the racegeld goes unpaid to a level that supports all the Whoopi this particular Goldberg has become accustomed. Racial victim status is a bailiwick worthy of defense at high cost. Who here believes that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have high enough intellects to earn an honest living?

How does a victim defend a lucrative status? They elevate their own personal oppression to level that dwarfs that of Peter Dinklage. They cannot ever let their own victimhood come up short. A volatile term like Race cannot blow up the racket. At that point, Auschwitz becomes a tragedy instead of a statistic. It sure ain’t arbeit that machts Whoopi frei.

Given the recent bizarre incidents from the likes of Dinklage, and (((Goldberg))), we can see that the weird are truly going pro. Pace Hunter S. Thompson, this happens when the going gets weird. The going gets weird, when the racket starts running low on cash to fatten up everybody’s envelope.

“Literally no offense to anyone, but I was a little taken aback when they were very proud to cast a Latina actress as Snow White, but you’re still telling the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” Dinklage said, per Entertainment Weekly.

As America turns into Amerika, Amerika becomes a nation less white. White Guilt does not persuade many folks not of The Caucasian Persuasion. Once that happens, race hustlers have to hustle harder or produce less. A certain number of free riders have to be kicked off the trolley.

Whoopi Goldberg engages in kicking Jews off the race-hustle trolley when she all but argues that Cat Fancier wasn’t really a racist. If he practiced racist-racism, then the burning cadavers would have all had darker skin. Maybe he was just poor, white trash instead. Treblinka was heritage, not hate. See, it is not really racism when you kill the white-looking people at the bank with the funnier sounding surnames. It cannot qualify as racism if they all look alike to Whoopi.

It certainly will not qualify as racism if it denigrates Whoopi Goldberg’s victim status. The Left is ascendant in Amerika. The Left is philosophically materialist. Those who are philosophically materialist are all about the material. That flow of material depends upon what words mean. Leftists have to care what “is” is. Whoopi Goldberg’s criterion to determine what constitutes racism is deliberate, studied, and calibrated to her own self-interest. When The Left does it, it is not for love.

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