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As the Idols Fall

People on the street are looking pretty freaked out right there about now. They are experiencing a different kind of domino effect.

The first domino to fall has been recent Biden administration posturing over Ukraine. At a gut level, people recognize that this is an attempt at bullying with no Plan B. That is, if the bullying fails, everything blows up.

Bullies tend to operate this way because they have made themselves dependent upon their marks. With each attempt at bullying, they are gambling; they stake their reputation on being able to bully the person.

If that person fights back, the bully loses status. He is no longer feared. In fact, he looks weaker than the person he bullied, even if he wins, because that person dared to stand up to him. This enrages him.

For bullies, victory consists of constantly identifying weak marks and beating them into submission. Only this maintains the social status of the bully, his implicit threat of violence or making the mark unpopular.

A bully thus attacks his mark with cruelty out of the box, catching the mark by surprise. His goal is to beat that mark into submission with words if he can, and if not, to stage a sudden, cruel, and unpredictable attack.

The mark who walks away successfully lessens the credibility that the bully wields as a weapon, so he does his best to enrage the mark into fighting back if the mark starts to walk away. The bully is prepared; the mark is not.

Like many things in Late Stage Democracy, the COVID-19 pandemic began with bullying. We were told that we were unreasonable, unscientific, and not compassionate if we did not adopt the ridiculous lockdowns.

By accepting those, we signaled submission. The bully now intensified toward his endgame, which was permanent submission, or eveyone following what the media, academia, and government said without question.

With that power, he could achieve total control by importing enough foreign voters to permanently overthrow the majority. At that point, government as a career could continue indefinitely: borrow more, tax the Whites, pay to the diversity to buy votes.

We see that pattern in every mixed-race third-world society on Earth. The few wealthy ones get squeezed by government, which in turn makes them start bribing government, while the masses end up just as poor and clueless as they have always been.

In other words, the herd bullies the few who might know something about how to make things work, and then lives off of their labor.

This repeating pattern shows us where humanity went wrong. We never really considered the question of self-rule, although we addressed the immediacy by going with what worked, namely having kings and social hierarchy.

This backfires because, like ideology and religion, it rewards the bad as well as the good, and over time you get enough bad to overthrow that system and replace it with mob rule, where protected by “equality” the bad can bully to their hearts’ content.

At this core, we find the problem of civilization that politics, religion, and economics cannot resolve: a buildup of waste humans.

Religion attempts to fix this by forcing everyone to behave according to a set of rules agreed on in paper form. This way, they think, they make the bad into good by changing their behavior, and maybe changing their minds.

This backfires because unlike the good, the bad approach this as the bullies do, in full fight mode before anyone else, giving them a first mover advantage. They look at rules as things to circumvent while using them to control others and hiding that fact.

At that point, religion becomes taken over at least partially by the bad, and this throws it into power struggles that inevitably slide to whatever is most popular, which favors the bad since what they offer requires the least effort by the audience.

Think of every con artist and tyrant in history. They offer a simple deal with One Big Idea: this fixes everything instantly, and you do not have to change your thinking or behavior at all.

The lazy beast at the center of humanity becomes seduced by such words since it fears change. Change means that we have to re-assess the world and update our knowledge of it, and this hard task can be done wrong, so we fear it.

Not changing cannot be done wrong. It may have bad consequences, but not socially, since no one else wants to change either.

In this way, any belief system that hopes to control people — change the methods of their behavior in order to change their thinking — ends up mainstreaming the bad and self-destructing.

Ideology behaves the same way. Ideology tends to take the form of One Big Idea that everyone agrees to believe and uphold, therefore eliminating the need to be good or bad. No inner compass; just follow the rules.

You can see how well this works at your average job or school. The obedient get promoted for following every method to completion, while those who simply looked at the task in a natural sense get overlooked.

This prioritizes promotion of the obedient and conformist over the actually talented, which results in situations like we saw during COVID-19, where leaders always knew the right thing to say and right thing to do to stay in power, but lacked the common sense to see that what they were doing was not working.

People hard on the outbreak of pedophiles in the Church and Boy Scouts, but those show us the problem of One Big Idea: in the Church, they swore to follow the beliefs, but that did not stop the molestation. In the Boy Scouts, they promised to follow the roles about individual autonomy, but the molesters just lied and gained access to lots of young boys to violate.

This means that the solution to bad people cannot be “teach them to be good” or “force them to be good” in any of their many variants.

Bullying trickles down from the top. With COVID-19, our democratic governments enacted a Hail Mary pass to stay in power by importing enough foreigners whose votes could be bought so Leftists could stay in power forever.

They would not do this unless they thought that their window was closing. Our governments in debt, people not reproducing at replacement rates, massive obligations on infrastructure and entitlements to Boomers coming due, globalism failing due to dropping margins, diversity riots everywhere, forever wars continuing ad infinitum, and worldwide debt ratios screaming mean that democracy has failed yet again.

They saw in Trump the kind of upset that Reagan brought about. American and European “intellectuals” and bureaucrats were ready to go full Communist and swear allegiance to the Soviet Union, since this was the socially popular choice and they confuse sheer number of warm bodies with what drives a population.

In reality, relatively few people produce most of the guidance and creativity that keeps a nation afloat. What most people want usually consists of removing those fortunate few and replacing them with some kind of committee so that no one has hurt feelings for being unimportant.

Trump went against this popular trend by acknowledging instead that relatively few people keep this system going and we need them in power. Even more, we need less emphasis on the people who have created roles for themselves, and more emphasis on the daily productivity of certain roles that make the wealth, power, stability, and quality of life for the nation.

That kind of thinking undoes a massive Leftist wave that has assumed almost total control since WWI. Trump threatened to reverse the “arc of history,” as Obama called it, away from more Leftism toward more reality and hence, more social order, or rewarding the good and punishing the bad.

This freaked the Left out so they decided to steal an election.

Now the dominos are falling. First Britain, now Denmark and Finland, have pulled out of the COVID-19 lockdown game. Research is coming out daily showing that the death figures were fake, the disease never as bad as reported, the vaccines are giving people fatal cancers and heart conditions, and that all of the people from nurses to local governments who used COVID-19 as a great cash-in to get more government money and arrogate more power to themselves were not just greedy but incompetent.

In fact, one of the dominos that is falling is a belief in our competence. We are seeing that very few of the people in power anywhere are competent. Meritocracies filter out the disobedient and select the obedient, so you get yes-men, bean-counters, and dogma repeaters instead of useful people.

They had no idea what to do with COVID-19 except to follow the hype and use it to increase the size of their own wealth and power. This means that we have the wrong people in power from the presidency on down to the local cops. It means that we are not a rising, competent society but a dying inept one.

Another domino falling is our belief in the veracity of our society at all. We believed the media, scientists, and academics… until we realized we could not anymore. They are fake like the “fake news” they “fact check” relentlessly, more incompetents using their positions of power to extract wealth.

We are also seeing that there is a huge filter in place in our society that takes anything and turns it into a simplistic version of itself to sell it to the dummies. Everything is fake because it is designed to be popular because the herd follows what is popular, but the price of being popular is that it must be fake, taking one detail out of a thousand and drawing broad conclusions from it.

Just like our fast food is fake food, our news is fake news. Our scientists are fake wizards, coming up with predetermined conclusions by cherry-picking data and ignoring contrary information. Our media is run by neurotic alcoholic English majors with no grasp of the world, not wise elders who know things about economics, politics, and history.

If you want something to get popular, it must be fake. It must become simple and easy so that people do not feel that terror of having to change their thoughts and behavior. Consequently, it will be unrealistic, and give them easy targets to smash down or raise up, sort of like idol worship. Our society is truth-averse.

The dominos are all coming down hard. Trump had to keep his assault on Election 2020 entirely on the up-and-up because he knew his opponents were bad and would exploit any weakness. Consequently, we get a slow steady grind where idols fall and we lose faith in institutions daily.

The idols are all falling like dominos now. We used to have faith in our society, government, media, science, and industry, but now we see them as greedy incompetents trying to steal whatever they can get before the whole show ignites.

The world is ready for regime change. Democracy has failed, as it always does, by pandering to the plurality of do-nothing people instead of the minority of effective ones. Choosing things by popularity always selects the fake and dumb option.

We are seeing that our political system avoids real problems, since those can result in lost elections, in preference for going after non-problems, since those can either be “won” or become more forever wars like those against drugs, drunk driving, terrorism, and White people who have noticed that diversity has failed.

All of the dominos are falling, all of the idols shattering to dust on the ancient floor of history, and what lies at the end is regime change. We are leaving democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism behind.

What comes next depends on how much awareness we choose for ourselves. If we are aware, we look at history and see how things turn out, then pick the best option. If we are not, we react like a crowd, emotionally and blindly, and doom ourselves further.

We have left behind merely interesting times and entered a period of historical fluidity. Everything that they tell us is certain is not. Some of what they refuse to talk about is real.

At this point, however, the die is cast. The dominos will fall, the idols shatter. Change will come. We will have to change how we think and act. This scares us, but now, it has become clear to everyone that it is better than continuing as we were.

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