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  • Pelosi to deliver public statement on Trump impeachment

    Democracy jumps the shark. To believe in this impeachment, you have to believe that if someone is running for office, they cannot be investigated for obvious corruption. You have to believe that Trump personally benefited from quashing corruption. You have to believe that one phone call is worth the removal of a man who has done much good, based on the word of those who have been inventing any semi-plausible scenario they can think of to remove him, regularly, since 2016. We all know that this is a farce; only the talking heads, Democrats, and media think it is real. We see now how the System has kept shifting Leftward, mainly by driving out anyone who does not obey its rules, which means that only Leftists thrive in it. We see the parallels to political correctness and the editing of history. We also see how Leftism is the pathology of a mob which, lacking any kind of goal since it has nothing in common, agrees only on asserting itself and its power like a tyrant, while being unstable because the mob threatens to come apart. We recognize how such crowds must always destroy any who stray from the Narrative and its ideology, and therefore force people to repeat dogma. We also see how such groups are focused only internally and toward the past, and cannot grasp the idea of producing learning, culture, wealth, wisdom, and sanity going into the future. It is us or them. We need to defeat them and remove them. There is no other way.

  • Byrne: Americans Billed $60B a Year to Educate Illegal Aliens, Anchor Babies

    If you wonder why your property taxes are so high, here are the reasons: education covers even more illegals than the 7.3% of American school children reported here. Education is also daycare, so it must handle the expensive retards and discipline problems. Education is now, thanks to the courts, a “right,” so it cannot expel students who are incapable of doing the work. Students span the IQ gamut from 60 through 130, which means that schools teach an “average,” which means hopelessly dumbed-down material. Foreign language students are required to receive English as a Second Language instruction by court decision, illegals must be admitted by court decision, children receive free school lunches by court decision, and we spend more on education than any other first-world nation. On top of that, you pay for local government, which is basically a jobs program for minorities wherever they gain enough influence over the vote. Diversity has destroyed you, American middle class. Your taxes are too high for you to ever escape the treadmill. End diversity, and you have a shot at a normal life or even the American Dream again. But for now, those things are dead. Like citizens in the Soviet Union, you are laboring for an ideological dream, not reality.

  • From Xinjiang to Ningxia, China’s ethnic groups face end to affirmative action in education, taxes, policing

    While America and Europe sleep, China wakes up, and decides to end minority-preferential policies because they are destructive to the health of the nation as a whole. In its new vision, minorities are people who are there to help the majority, and when that ceases, they must go elsewhere. They do not have a voice in politics, nor do they have rights to any kind of subsidy or special privilege. This enables China to work as one, while the West gets nowhere because it is chained to its own internal fighting and squabbling over power and privilege. The rise of China will force the West to abandon diversity or give up and self-destruct. We know which one the voters have chosen in the past, and this suggests that the voters will not retain power in the future.

  • China hits back at U.S. human rights bill, recalls America’s “history of blood and tears of native Indians”

    With the other hand, China continues the Cold War policy of inducing America and Europe to collapse in race guilt. It works well against highly socially conscious fat IQ band populations like the West. These populations forget the reasons why things happen, and focus instead on trying to subsidize them away, being afflicted with the class warfare dogma of egalitarianism. That makes them turn on themselves, hate themselves, and in turn, raise new generations who hate the constant back-and-forth between highly polarized groups alienated by the issue. We should just discard race guilt and race hate, and look toward what works and what does not, and choose life or death accordingly.

  • Pelosi directs House Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment against Trump

    Breaking news: “assimilated” Italian wants to remove ethnic Western European from office so that the Napoleon Dynamite coalition of misfits (soyboys, dipsomaniac wine aunts, neurotics, minorities, schizoids, religious fanatics, unions, organized crime, and corrupt industry) can seize power again and resume siphoning off half of the wealth of the nation for its jobs program for bureaucrats and other parasites.

  • Long-term damage from logging hits ability of Canada’s forests to regenerate

    It turns out that cutting up the forest creates lots of areas of densely-packed dirt where seedlings do not grow, and so forests remain at less than peak efficiency in regrowth. Never mind that you have old trees for a reason, which is that the oldest survivors are the hardiest, having already gone through decades of natural selection, and therefore it makes sense to have them seed the younger trees. Never mind that we do not need to use most of this wood except that we have to generate jobs for people so we have to constantly make mountains of new stuff and throw the old into landfills just so people can stay busy. We have too many people; too few of them are good. Nature says keep the good and toss the rest, much as we have done to the forests. Wood chipper time!

  • Hillary Clinton drops biggest hint yet that she’s mulling a 2020 presidential run

    China’s candidate wants Trump pushed aside so that those who have solicited the most corruption can rule again, which ensures that all the other bureaucrats get a space at the feeding trough, and America can become a vassal state of China which has promised that the Clintons and their ilk will rule forever, helping themselves to the wealth of the nation. Hint: this never works. The tyrant always takes what is his, and money always flows up in criminal enterprises. The Clintons luckily have enough cash to pay that bill for three bullets shortly after the PRC resumes leadership here in America.

  • France crippled by biggest national strike in years

    Unions doing what they do best, which is stealing from society at large (and somehow, only the union organizers get rich). Costs have gone up because government is taxing everyone to redistribute money; wages have not risen because all of the companies are broke from the taxation; a few super-rich do just fine because they own enough stuff that even high taxes cannot dent them. If France were thinking, it would drop the entitlements state entirely and end legal protections for unions, then focus on finding some reason to live again other than simply being tax cash cows for government. They were better off under the kings.

  • Breathing London air ‘same as smoking 150 cigarettes a year’

    No doubt it is worse than that, but to the Left, nothing is worse than tobacco except “racism.” In reality, the car exhaust is more damaging than cigarettes will ever be, and most who die of lung cancer do not smoke. You do raise your risk 16-fold by smoking, however, but then again, most who die of lung cancer tend to be very aged. We are pursuing the wrong problems, symbolic scapegoats, instead of looking at the real threat of modernity to our health and sanity.

  • Experimental HIV vaccine successfully elicits broadly neutralizing antibodies to the virus

    We have beat HIV in rabbits at least. This research, like what the military and NASA does, has benefits far beyond fighting HIV. A sane society might take note of this and declare war on ignorance of the human body, broadly funding research to understand medicine, instead of waiting for a crisis like AIDS or Ebola to kick-start our funding. It might also do something to reform the scientific hierarchy, which is even more bloated with freeloaders than military spending.

  • Joe Biden uses clip of Boris Johnson ‘laughing’ at Trump in 2020 election advert.

    The Left manipulates us with this simple trope: “See, everyone’s laughing at you!” They like to pretend that they speak for the majority, the experts, the educated, the artistic, or whatever else people idealize. In reality, they are simply poseurs saying what they need to in order to have us accept them so that they can keep stealing from us. The fact is that human groups are basically monkeys, and whatever they tell us that they know for certain is in actuality what they are projecting, or in other words, what they fear may not be true. If you treat them Trumpstyle and laugh off their “we know better” pretense, they fall into doubt and consume themselves, which is beneficial and entertaining.

  • Key Corbyn ally demanding ‘justice for miners’ under fire over £165,000 pay-out from their union

    You never meet a poor union organizer, yet the workers remain broke (high taxes depress wages and raise costs) and the nation remains broke (unions destroy productive industry). Every now and then one gets caught, which leads you to wonder how many are guilty but unpunished. The sad human answer: most of them, most likely.

  • Hospitals Sue Trump to Keep Negotiated Prices Secret

    Hospitals want to keep their prices quiet because they give insurers big breaks and hide the costs of non-paying customers in the bills they pass on to others. If they have to reveal what they are doing, the idiot voters will simply demand that the hospitals charge everyone the same thing, at which point hospitals will have to eat the cost of the many non-paying freeloaders directly, causing a wave of bankruptcies. Anyone else notice how American healthcare now seems to be run by a handful of companies? When you raise costs through freeloaders, market concentration results, and you get the most brutally effective MBAs doing their best to hide actual costs so that someone can profit instead of everyone going bankrupt for the great egalitarian vision of free stuff.

  • Joe Biden Proposes $1 Trillion in New Corporate Taxes

    Leftists must always raise taxes because their vision consists of making individuals equal through direct payments and civil rights, which requires taking money from the productive to give to the unproductive. If the unproductive were productive, it would not be sitting around talking about Equality Utopia. In the meantime, the more taxes you levy, the less the economy functions, which means that it becomes more important in our lives as we try to manage the narrow paths to success that remain. Do you want independence from capital? Stop taxing it. Stop regulating it. Let it do its thing and, once it becomes autonomous, rein it in with strong culture that says that certain things (pollution, ripoffs, bloat) simply are not done. We did better before government took over everything.

  • Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Impeachment hearings must include analysis of Trump’s mental health

    Asian psychologist claims that Trump administration is afflicted by a “shared psychosis” which explains why everyone working with Trump must be insane, since Leftists think he is insane, of course. The Left unintentionally reveals what it thinks of conservatism, which is that it is a shared psychosis, while ignoring the fact that Leftist ideology is based entirely on conjectural, Utopian, and messianic ideation. Leftism is a mental health virus. They accuse us of what they are actually doing, per the old slogan, “The Leftist cries out as he strikes you.” We will have no future until we relocate all of them to some happy place like Venezuela or Cuba where they will have lots of diversity, socialism, equality, and ethnic food.

  • Inside the hate factory: how Facebook fuels far-right profit

    Apparently a far-Right network is manipulating our social media for profit. Who is it? It is a group in Israel running twenty-one Facebook pages, and the “hate” they preach is “Islamophobia,” also known as criticism of Islam and the third world Arabs who promulgate it. In other words, this is not a far-Right group at all, but a bunch of people profiting from neoconservative dogma. Should we all cower in fear of their twenty-one Facebook pages? Maybe the correct response is to point out that all of Leftist media is acting as a far-Left cabal for the purposes of profit, and to ban them as they would ban us.

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