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White Despair

The Trump era showed us a time of great revelation because Trump, as a salesman and builder, knew how to articulate the difference between what we have now and what we could have if we did things slightly differently.

Among other things, Trump forced upon us crucial issues that the mainstream of both sides had ignored — China, immigration, pedophilia, Big Tech, taxes, big government, regulations — and then showed us how the system responded.

We saw how not only did the Left react like a criminal caught in the act, and retaliate beyond all sense, but that the media carried water for them as surely as Tass spoke for Moscow Centre.

In addition, we realized that the GOP stood in the way of conservatism. Long having selected its members for their inoffensive ability to compromise and work along with the Left, the GOP had no fight and was a de facto Leftist organization.

Even more, we saw that Whites stand in the way of their own interests. Half of them still vote for Democrats and policies that, if carried to their natural conclusion, will exterminate the White heritage American majority.

Why do Whites do this? Several reasons come to mind:

  • Class War. In the 1300s, inspired by the Mongols, peasants in Europe began to revolt, demanding independence from the social order including the caste system. With the advent of The Enlightment™ European intellectuals endorsed individualism, or the desires of the self being more important than natural order, social order, or tradition. This kicked off class war, since the proles then saw no reason that they could not too be free, despite having the wisdom of donuts and the morals of alleycats.
  • Denialism. Whites want to believe that we do not need to change, mostly internally, in order to accept a different way than the ego-based social economy in which we now live. Denialists either take the bourgeois mainstream form who do not want to “rock the boat” so that the profits can flow in greater numbers, and the underground anti-Semites who want to blame Negroes and Jews for the idiotic decisions made by Whites.
  • Futility. We live in a dying civilization where equality has rendered each person anonymous and insignificant, with nothing they can do receiving any reward other than monetary, and this kind of used camel salesperson ethics of convenience makes life insignificant. People see no way out, and therefore become self-destructive, dying like animals seeing a forest fire raging toward them and choosing a quiet end rather than the terror.
  • First world suicide. For whatever reason, first world societies produce a kind of anomie and hopelessness because they refuse to address their fundamental and fatal problems, but waste everyone’s time with distractions, deflections, and ideological/symbolic jihads instead. This wears people down to the point where they accept the radically evil because it is familiar, and fear any change lest they lose what little pile they have already made.
  • Self-hatred. Groups with higher average IQs tend to be self-hating, since they have risen above the rest but have not yet come to a state of mind that allows them a sense of purpose and, through it, mental peace. Higher IQ means more solipsism since brain-signal is stronger than physical signals, which makes these people prone to be easily manipulated by theory and socializing, and this weakness makes them loathe themselves.
  • Anomie. Seen most strongly in middle class women, the mixture of boredom and lack of direction in humans creates a desire to find things to fiddle with, causes to champion, “pets” to defend, and otherwise, a desire to seek out insane policies in order to cause problems so that people have something to do which allows them to claim to be more significant than others.
  • Individualism. The justification for the solipsism of the human brain comes from social interactions, where people encourage others to be as they are, and commercial interactions, where the customer is always right. For the individual to feel secure, he must become a replacement for reality, and anything that goes wrong must be the fault of someone else. This places democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism beyond all criticism, which means that no solution or purpose can exist, making Whites detest themselves.
  • Atheism. Belief in everlasting life and an order to the universe is necessary for believing that life is good; one can substitute a strong belief in nature in a pinch. This religious sense does not come about without it being part of the culture, which means that graft-in religions like Judeo-Christianity do not work for us, and their failure has led to mass atheism even faster than the Leftist push for it.

Why do White people keep voting for insane things? They hate themselves, in part because they have already voted by insane things and now are compelled and restrained by those.

We are dominated by a social framework that pairs with meritocracy to promote only those who say what pleases the crowd, therefore it never accepts anything but more of itself. This is your Uniparty and steady slide into collapse.

To become successful, one must choke down a whole load of lies and then repeat those lies convincingly in order to motivate others. When our heads are full of lies, we hate ourselves for being liars who, having abolished reality, have no way of choosing a direction that will lead to satisfaction.

Surrounded by ugliness, we see the worst of it in fellow White behavior and incompetence. Our middle managers run everything, and they get ahead by avoiding risk and doing what everyone else is doing, so a supposedly decentralized system moves in trope toward the dumbest possible option until it utterly fails.

Made placeless by equality, we rely on competition, which requires that we spend all of our time thinking about what others are doing and keeping up with their lies. The same crowd that gives us “freedom” also requires obedience, so we must daily recite the lies.

We see no hope of change because the lies are popular and most people are if not idiots at least only clever and not intelligent, and prone to make choices based on their desire to take from the system and hide that fact, not from any kind of realistic and rational decision-making.

We hate ourselves because we are strapped into this system heading into the abyss, we made the bad choices that got us here, and now we have created a zombie Crowd which rages on outside our control, choosing oblivion because it fears reality.

The upper middle class detests the working classes because the working classes buy the idiotic products that make the wrong people rich, and the working classes detest the middle classes because of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

We hate other Whites for working against us, since they will throw us under the bus to get a few dollars at work or a few attaboys at the pub or soybar. We hate the fact that our lives are eaten up with “keeping up with the Joneses” by buying pointless consumer garbage, believing the insane opinions in the media, and filing TPS reports.

Most Whites are united in one thing only, which is preventing anything like realistic thinking from ever happening. If even a small group of us defect to realism, it reveals how unrealistic and pointless our lives are, and soon everyone will panic and flee the system. Then our retirement accounts go to zero, so this scares us.

Once people start thinking in realist terms, the whole edifice falls. At this point however, most of us are too exhausted, depleted by sub-par nutrition, worn out by useless make-work, and cowed by headlines to do anything.

No, we loathe White people. We loathe them because most of us are simply trying to pile up enough to retire and escape, and we no longer care if the rest goes up in flames when we die. That unheroic viewpoint inspires no one and makes us scorn and detest ourselves.

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