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For Republicans to Survive, They Must Address Race

In any human group, an economy forms around denial. Those who avoid the “hidden elephant,” which is the actual threat that scares people so they do not want to mention it, get rewarded while those who mention the actual threat are punished.

If you find yourself wondering why almost every election in democracy features a whole lot of concern for symbolic issues unrelated to reality, and how these become massively popular while the few sane ones are ignored, this is why.

All of this occurs because of the primal inversion. If you leave it up to human groups, they talk about dreams and make taboo their legitimate fears, so you end up talking about anything but the topic at hand. We create a society of lies.

Republicans, being human, cannot be expected to be different! Our current group of Republicans faced natural selection during the 1960s where any who went against the postwar zeitgeist of Communist-style equality were purged.

For this reason, the ones who remain stick to a few things they can bang on about without really disrupting the system, and do nothing about anything else because for them, being in office is a career, and you get ahead by being inoffensive.

However, as the many problems of democracy proliferate, the voters need to wake up and make the only possibility for a conservative career limited to those who are willing to tackle key issues, like race and “racism”:

Republicans seem afraid to engage in actual debate on the issue of race in America. “Systemic racism” is a loosely-defined term that is shaping policy and being accepted as causal to most problems and challenges that Black Americans face today.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, to its credit, took a shot at defining systemic racism as “racism that infects the very structure of our society.” The company’s website uses systemic racism to explain inequity in wealth, home ownership, educational achievement, employment, delivery of health care, policing and criminal justice. This is the unifying principle of the Democrats’ utopian “woke society,” and it seems that Republicans are hard-pressed to posit anything other than this foundational argument of Democrats.

I place “racism” in quotation marks because no one with a brain uses the term unironically. If we are to have “freedom,” or at least choice, that consists of the ability to prefer our own group, and to notice things about Other groups if we so choose.

The only “racism” problem in the United States and Europe consists of diversity itself. Without diversity, you have no “racism.” With “freedom,” these societies would vigorously segregate in an instant, and our politicians fear that.

Republicans have avoided tackling this issue for years, but the “systemic racism” mentioned by minority groups consists of (1) the different abilities of lower-IQ third world groups and (2) the preference of heritage Americans to live among themselves.

Heritage Americans usually enjoy other races, and are charitable towards them, but when asked after hours in the basement where no one else can hear, they will admit the truth: whether Left or Right, they want to live among people like themselves, not just by race but by ethnicity and social class.

This represents pure sanity and wisdom, which is why it is about to clobber American democracy with a rude awakening to the grim fact that if you pass two centuries of bad laws, eventually those have consequences.

Republicans can tackle the issue of race by looking at it head-on: we can no longer pretend that the preferences of heritage Americans held back government, but people of all races still prefer to live with their own.

Therefore, it is time to attack racial preferentialism, specifically affirmative action, HUD, equal employment, and other enforced integration programs. Clearly they have failed and are doing more bad than good.

Instead, we offer “freedom.” You are created equal, which means the only equality comes in being born; this gives you a chance to make the most of what you have been given, as the old Anglo-Saxon prayer books reiterate.

We cannot give you a Leftist program of equality because we do not support equality. We support opportunity, and recognize that this leads to hierarchy, from which we all benefit because it places the best in charge.

Instead of agreeing with the Leftists that our society should reorganize itself around the pursuit of equality, conservatives need to tackle this battle head-on and point out that we offer an option to, not another color of, Leftism.

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