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Where did the “diversity=genocide” meme come from?


The left rages as usual, but this time they have found a quality target: the DIVERSITY = WHITE GENOCIDE meme has enraged them, probably for the same reason people usually get upset, which is that it contains enough truth to hit a nerve. The left has fired back with accusations that this is a far-right meme.

But where did it originate? Preliminary research suggests it was either trending back in 2007 or was invented by Ann Coulter in her column titled “Bush’s America: Roach Motel”:

One may assume the new majority will not be such compassionate overlords as the white majority has been. If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide. Yet whites are called racists merely for mentioning the fact that current immigration law is intentionally designed to reduce their percentage in the population.

Why is it that the best defenders of majority interests are white and near-white women like Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Pamela Geller? They have seen what life will be like for women and families if the white male patriarchy and its associated cult of wisdom and powerful leadership fades. There will be no future, and they are willing to step out in front and say that.

Over the last seventy years, the “far right” has done nothing but rage around with its own drama and then self-destruct, providing convenient headlines for all who hate the idea of majority-white nations to champion. In fact, there has not been a better tool for the left than the cruel, violent, thoughtless and one-note far-right. If I were the propaganda chairman of the Communist party, I’d send them all bonuses. Each time the far right appears, the majority of mainstream Americans edges left as it recoils in horror.

Instead the reform against progress has been driven by writers like Michel Houellebecq and Ann Coulter, thinkers chipping away at the myth of equality like Stephen Pinker and Robert Putnam, and sociologists hammering away at liberal ideas like Charles Murray and Tom Wolfe. The growth of the diversity=genocide meme shows just how far we have come, since many things can be said now which would have brought flashing red and blue lights back in the 90s, and the methods that have taken us to success.

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