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Where Charlottesville Went Wrong

From an after-action report:

Newberry called Pierce’s cell phone and told him, “There’s never going to be a better time than right now.” Pierce said he understood and responded that he would get everyone together and call Newberry back. A few minutes later, Pierce called back and told Newberry that the speakers had changed their minds about coming in separately because they wanted to “walk in with their audiences.” There would be no police escort from McIntire Park. Newberry told us that he had a hunch that Pierce had been tricked into working with him and that the rally organizers had never planned to be brought in through the back of the park. After the call ended, Newberry turned to his partner in the van and told him, “They do not plan on this going well.”

The decision to forego a police escort may not have been clearly communicated to the Unite The Right speakers who were supposed to be in the speakers’ convoy. Mike Enoch told us that he believed that the plan had always been for all attendees to be dropped off a block or so from the park and then parade in together. In contrast, Christopher Cantwell told us that he understood the speakers would walk into Emancipation Park from behind the Lee statue with other speakers. He did not expect that he would have to walk through a gauntlet of counter-protesters.

As the groups marched to the southwest entrance of Emancipation Park, the counter-protesters swelled around that area. Market Street was quickly filling up. Lieutenant Hatter, who was supervising Zone 5 in the Wells Fargo parking lot, ordered his men to back up from the barricades as tensions rose.

Charlottesville was a dry run for January 6th: the authorities understaffed the police, apparently did not send their best, refused to manage the situation, and by doing so, encouraging inevitable conflicts to break out, then stepped back to let things go badly.

At that point, they quickly scapegoated the Right by arresting as few Leftists as possible, and then scampered away while the compliant DOJ and press made rumbling sounds about hate crimes and the horrors of obese Heather Heyer, spurring all the goodthinkers in the government to do their worst.

The Left did their part by attacking the car that James Fields, a young man struggling with low-grade mental health issues, clearly cared about a great deal. When they attack, he panicked and drove recklessly, causing the crash that in combination with her multiple co-morbidities killed Heather Heyer.

We know this is the case because Leftists tried attacking vehicles again and the compliant press reporting it as an attack by the driver:

Lenz said the women struck Friday were chanting disparaging things about Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds. She said it was hard to know whether the truck driver was motivated by the chants or being blocked by protesters.

When they deflect like that, it seems likely they are distracting from a situation where the driver was blocked in and then people surrounded the truck, screaming at him, daring him to run over them, much like the counter-protesters were as obnoxious as possible in hopes of provoking violence in Charlottesville.

Notice that they do not show the moments before the truck hit protesters on mainstream media. You are asked to, from part of the action, judge all of what happened. Perhaps we can find more from the statements made by police:

Police contend that a verbal fight began between the protestors and a driver before “contact was made between a vehicle and one of the pedestrians.”

Not only that, but the protesters were unlawfully blocking the street:

According to CBS2 News, “Cedar Rapids Police say one person went to the hospital following the incident. Police say a preliminary investigation shows protesters were crossing the street with the proper signal. That signal then changed, but the group was still crossing the street using the crosswalk.”

Police say protesters and the driver then got into a verbal confrontation before the truck made contact with the protesters.

According to The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, “no arrests were announced and police said they were scouring the area for surveillance video cameras that may have captured the incident.” Further, The Gazette reported that “police said the driver was ‘voluntarily interviewed,’ but didn’t say whether that was at the scene or whether they had found the driver later.”

In other words, this was not a clear attack, but more likely someone trying to escape a hostile crowd much like James Fields was or the Charlottesville protesters were. This shows us the latest tactic from the Left of attempting to provoke Right-wingers into retaliating after mob attacks.

While all of this has been going on, protests have generally been light and relatively mild, mostly because those who are protesting are mostly neurotic single dipsomaniac whitish women. This did not attempt Leftists from attempting their usual terror spree:

The group, made of about 100 people, were yelling and chanting as they marched down the streets and would periodically stop to destroy and graffiti objects.

“Death to SCOTUS,” one black spray-painted message said.

However, the lack of strong response, including to the mysterious black truck, show that perhaps America has lost its taste for tolerance of riots and encouraging them with publicity, even though the Leftist media would like us to pay attention.

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