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  • Connecticut student arrested in connection to racist Snapchat post

    Welcome to democracy, where you can have any opinion except one which might be critical of equality. As you know, diversity is just the latest in a series of egalitarian programs that started with class, moved to gender and ethnicity, and now encompass race and transsexualism.

  • Canadian museums asked to return First Nation ancestral remains and burial items

    The trend of returning items to the third world has been raging for some time now, so I might as well get in my prediction: almost all of these items will vanish over time. This is why they were taken in the first place, not as “theft” but protection from these unstable low-IQ societies.

  • Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications

    As usual, The New York Times overstates a temporary condition as a permanent change. They want to argue that overpopulation is not a problem, therefore if we just eat bugs, live in skyrise condos, drive golf carts, and use EnergyStar appliances we can let the third world breed us to twenty billion people as they will within the century. That’s game over for humanity.

  • Jersey becomes ‘ark’ for endangered lizards rescued from oil spill

    With nature, as with our civilization, we find ourselves in the ark era: grab as much as you can to save because everything else is lost. The human overgrowth threatens everything, but because we are democratic, nothing will be done to stop it.

  • Scientists identify gut bacteria linked to neurodegenerative conditions

    Scientists of the future will see our great experiment in racial and ethnic mixing as highly unwise because of the different gut biomes that groups have. When you introduce a lot of foreign organisms, your gut biome changes, and it can have negative consequences especially when paired with sugar overconsumption.

  • Farm attack, armed attackers tie up residents, ransack home, St Francis Bay

    Diversity starts at a pity project by mental victims of democracy who, in their quest for power, use everything as a tool for their own importance; this means that they can never enjoy anything for the sake of itself, but can only use it. They take up causes like diversity in order to demonstrate how unique they are. At twenty percent, diversity takes over the society, and at fifty percent, it genocides its competition, the former majority.

  • EU proposes changes to retirement age to as high as 74-years-old

    Human egotism requires that society assume more of the costs of individual whims, and over time this makes a “death by a thousand cuts” where any action by civilization becomes too expensive, and precedent too controlling. The broke EU wants to squeeze more tax money out of its treadmill slaves to stave off collapse.

  • Nurses’ union condemns CDC for relaxing mask protocols

    When we are all equal, everyone jockeys for power because equality has become worthless. These unions want more power, and they will sacrifice your future and happiness for their own sense of self-importance.

  • Sikh community angry as religious knives banned from NSW schools after stabbing

    The good intentions behind diversity fail yet again when they make contact with reality, which is not equal and not uniform, nor does it distill easily to objective, universal, and absolute “scientific” rules. In reality, knives are not the problem; unstable social order caused by diversity may be.

  • Long working hours killing 745,000 people a year

    We work long hours to prove we are worth our jobs, and to pay off all those taxes, of course. It turns out that not only are jobs jails, but they will also kill you slowly in misery just like every other aspect of modern society. If we stop the socialism and diversity, we can have normal lives back, but not before.



  • The sexual counterrevolution is coming

    Sexual liberation fascinates the Left because it is a thinly-disguised form of solipsism. The narcissistic individual — equality does this to people — wants to destroy everything but himself, even the family. Newer generations are seeing how family is essential and Boomer-era sexuality destroys all hope of actual love.

  • 60% of U.S. Colleges Nix Testing Requirement for Admission

    Lower IQ people do less well on these tests, which was why they were created: to ensure that over-120 IQ point people, who are the only ones who can do well at college, get to college and the smartest among them rise. Now that politicians have turned education into an anti-poverty program, only high school grades will matter, and those are controlled by SJW teachers.

  • What we know about UFOs

    The technologies used in these crafts are so advanced that either they come from Earth and we are ruled by the shadow group that produced them, or they come from afar and we are no longer in control of our own planet. Either way, democracy has failed and lost legitimacy, so soon it will be replaced.

  • ‘Catastrophic’: Sierra Leone sells rainforest for Chinese harbour

    No one wants to admit it, but the food wars are coming. We have too many people already, but more are coming, and all of them need food. Humanity will cannibalize Earth and its ecosystems in order to feed those people, but it will not be enough, so war and starvation will further advance.

  • Migrant workers open up about ‘modern slavery’ in NZ

    When you allow in the diversity, it immediately summons more from home and exploits them, sort of like Italian mafias and Irish political machines here in the USA. The only solution is to avoid diversity, and repatriate whatever is already here.

  • The Associated Press is slammed for saying it was unaware of Hamas intel operation in their building

    Seven years ago, uncontroversial reporting confirmed that Hamas was operating in the building that Israel destroyed last week, prompting the AP to complain that it was unfairly targeted. Why are our journalists getting cozy with terrorist groups?

  • Ads emphasize coexistence between Arabs and Jews

    Companies think in terms of “this quarter,” or the next three months of profit, because they are owned by shareholders and subject to votes, therefore are controlled by whims of public opinion. Realistic leaders look toward the coming centuries, but democracy and shareholders suicidally oppose this.

  • New Zealand to cut ‘low-skill’ immigration and refocus on wealthy

    New Zealand adopts a public stance of egalitarianism, but in private, acts like any good business would, taking in the wealthy and higher-IQ and keeping out the poor and lower-IQ. In a century, New Zealanders will be a mixed-race group of mostly White DNA with a fair amount of Asian and a smattering of African, like today’s Arabs, Jews, and New Yorkers.

  • Supreme Court to hear Mississippi abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade

    Every time they get a shot at power, moron conservatives trade it away for a chance to stab at abortion, something the Left always creatively reverses in the next election cycle. Any conservative who mentions abortion at this point is a cuck and should not be supported.

  • Pay for some Texas teachers will top $100,000 in bid to aid poorer schools devastated by COVID-19

    Under democracy, everything is a shakedown. Like in the Soviet Union, the only good jobs are government jobs, and to work those, you might join the anti-reality but pro-equality groupthink. We are making all the wrong people wealthy.



  • Group Seeks Federal Probes Into Schools That Pledge to Address Systemic Racism

    If we leave it up to the Left, students will come out of school knowing a lot about civil rights and socialism but nothing about history or why certain decisions were made. Education is too important to be left up to government; our only solution consists of abolishing public education. It cannot be fixed.

  • Essex councillors side with integrity commissioner over controversial tweet

    Rushing to get in a nasty act before the narrative collapse, a council in Canada heavily censures one member for using the term “China flu.” By this time next week, it will be known to be a Chinese lab leak, but this punishment will still stand.

  • China Planning ‘Unprecedented’ Tiananmen Memorial Crackdown

    1989 does not lie that many years past in history, yet the modern West has forgotten the lessons of our last conflict with Socialism. It terrorized the world and then died in misery, but China wants to bring it back, and they are not hiding who they are, knowing that the Western Left will defend them regardless.

  • Bank of America will raise its minimum wage to $25 by 2025

    By early next year, this increase will not even matter, since $25 will buy what $10 did during the Trump years. Seeking to curry shareholder approval through favorable headlines, Bank of America announced this well in advance to get good coverage now and pay out the useless amount later.

  • Over a million hospital admissions for obesity

    As said here before, COVID-19 served like 9/11 as a great revealer. It showed us how we are by removing us from the normal repetitive context of modern life with a crisis. Just as 9/11 showed us that diversity was fatal, COVID-19 showed us that modern life is killing us.

  • Denmark asylum: The Syrian refugees no longer welcome to stay

    Much of the West finds itself attempting to awaken from the stupor of egalitarianism. The first one to ditch diversity, entitlements, and equality becomes the ruler of the newer world order that is coming.

  • Video shows slain 4-year-old Cash Gernon being abducted from bed as he slept

    If the races were reversed, the media would be up in arms and there would be riots in the streets. White people however still have too much to lose to take risks like that. That should become interesting as the Biden recession sets in.

  • “Live-In Relationships Morally, Socially Unacceptable”: High Court Rejects Couple’s Plea

    At least someone out there can still complete a coherent thought. Sexual liberation resembles prostitution for social cachet instead of direct payment. It ruins the ability to bond, and now we have zombie people using each other for sexual and social convenience, leaving alienated fearful children.

  • Black Lives Matter ‘stands in solidarity’ with Palestinians

    Everywhere we look, the united diversity stands against the majority. Leftists import them for this reason: almost all of them will vote against majority interests and never deviate from that position, guaranteeing permanent Leftist rule. This is why you have the Uniparty; the Left changed the electorate.

  • Bill Gates left Microsoft amid affair investigation

    Nerds, like lawyers, experience no sense of power in this life except within the machine, whether made of silicon or laws. This means that they have no idea how to handle power and wealth, and like Gates, make highly questionable decisions.



  • How Much Do Sellers Expect Their Homes To Fetch?

    That big housing boom turns out to have been a speculation bubble. People were reading the media and taking it seriously, then deciding to sell their homes for high prices or buy new homes in the hope of flipping them later. Like all demand-based economic policies, this one ends in a crash.

  • Drop in Xinjiang birthrate largest in recent history

    Discriminating against an ethnic group, even if only through propaganda, leads them to die out. The same will be done to Whites in the West if the diversity is allowed to grow any further.

  • Chemical giants hid dangers of ‘forever chemicals’ in food packaging

    Leftists believe in a demand-driven world: what the individual wants to believe is true becomes true and the Crowd enforces that for him. That means that we end up in a society where if a product is popular, they role it out without thinking that it might after all be destructively toxic.

  • Suit challenges restaurant aid priority to women, minorities

    This lawsuit produces nothing but loss for the Right. If the plaintiffs win, they affirm the Fourteenth Amendment, which will be used to justify future “disparate impact” policies. If they lose, the current racial discrimination against Whites via affirmative action, minority preference hiring, and quota admissions will continue.

  • Radical rabbi’s followers rise in Israel amid new violence

    Jews rediscover Kahanism, or radical Jewish nationalism, amid the chaos of a Palestinian uprising. Kahanists want Israel for Jews only, and all Jews to go to Israel. This would reduce almost all ethnic conflicts for Jewish people.

  • French soldiers warn of civil war in new letter

    You can have culture only when you have only one ethnic group in your nation. Once you have more than one, culture gets replaced by bureaucracy and tolerance. France now sees the grievous error of diversity, but may not be able to wake up in time.

  • EU aims at ‘zero pollution’ in air, water and soil by 2050

    This noble goal will be implemented by government, which will screw it up by making it a series of expensive regulations which are basically a jobs program for do-nothing bureaucrats. The right way to do it involves limiting land use, and banning disposable items, favoring a cradle-to-grave plan for all objects.

  • After 20 years, the Saker Falcon breeds again in Bulgaria

    Humans transformed natural land into crops, eliminating hunting grounds and habitat for this iconic bird. Currently attempts to return it are working but only at a prototype stage; to make these stick, they will need to return more land to its natural state.

  • Top researchers are calling for a real investigation into the origin of covid-19

    This stone started an avalanche and shows us how to beat narrative control. Question the narrative, rather than tackling it head-on, and call for more information, not less. Read the paper.

  • Liz Cheney removed from position as House GOP conference chair over anti-Trump stance

    Most Republicans have no idea how bigly Trump won. He introduced new targets and showed that the old ones were symbolic shield-rattling designed to elicit donations, not achieve anything. The ancient neoconservatives are obsolete now.




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