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What “The End Of Globalism” Means

When you base a society upon equality, you guarantee that it will be a depthless place. You have already stated a conclusion to every interaction, namely that each person is equal, which means that differences of approach, morality, or intellect are irrelevant. All that matters is the surface.

As a result of this, we encounter terms daily that are ill-defined, starting with “equality” itself. These are not concepts in the sense of functional ideas, but aesthetic ideas that appeal to us because they sound like something non-threatening. Globalism is such a term.

In theory, globalism means that we open up the Earth to trade without regard for borders and nationalities. In reality, this means that we abolish the identities of nations and replace them with economies which then compete on the basis of how many warm bodies they attract. This appeals to managers and politicians despite being insane.

Globalism extends our concept of “diversity” to the whole planet. Instead of allowing our own nation to be multi-racial, we make every nation multi-racial because if there is a business case for moving people around and using them as labor, it will take precedence over national identity.

In practice, globalism essentially destroys the first world by opening it up to products from places with cheaper labor, which destroys first world industries and converts us into “service economies” where we sell each other luxury services and hope that we can keep enough money circulating to have a functional economy.

Some find themselves shocked by Donald Trump’s tariffs. In the simplistic reasoning of our time, “pro-business” is assumed to mean “open borders.” In reality, business sense includes the knowledge that if you make things too inexpensive, there will not be enough money to keep vital industry alive.

For example, look at what online ordering has done to your ability to find objects you need in your local area. Many stores simply no longer stock them on their shelves because people buy them online for a lower price. What this means is that someday, the online stores will be your only option, and they will happily raise prices because you are hooked.

If you want to find shoes in your local area, this means that you may have to pay the inefficient higher cost that a brick and mortar store has, simply so that you can have both shoes available and enough competition that prices will not simply rise through the roof. Globalism does away with these necessary inefficiencies.

In the same way, globalism also does away with populations. Globalism is genocide because if we leave it up to business and politics, every neighborhood, city, state, and country will have the same mix of people of every ethnic group on Earth. In the end, that leaves a tan hybrid race without any particularly refined qualities.

Very few people understood this about globalism when it was first talked about by George H.W. Bush as “the New World Order.” Very few realized that internationalism, or abolishing borders, has been a goal not just of Communists but of Leftists going back to the French Revolution.

Most of us did not realize that globalism was really the Tower of Babel of Biblical myth, where in an effort to prove how intelligent and powerful they are, humans create a civilization out of many races and tribes and construct a tower designed to show that we, too, are as powerful as God.

Like other illusions, globalism now falls. People have record low levels of trust in democracy, and the myth of diversity as our strength has fallen as well. This means that ordinary people are finding themselves drawn into Right-wing ideas because Left-wing ideas, once fully implemented, ended very badly.

This “cultural wave” continues to push back against what we have been taught for nearly two and a half centuries, which is that equality leads to Utopia through progress. Instead, people are thinking that commonsense and historical wisdom dwarfs whatever our “experts” and “studies” tell us, and that equality is a path to doom.

That in turn revokes the authority of the snowball named “we” that has been wrecking what is left of the West. Leftists love to pick up as many people as possible, rolling them into a snowball, and then telling them that “we” are acting together. This compels obedience and grows Leftist power.

However, the snowball named “we” presents an illusion, which is that all people can share the same interests, values, and type of civilization they want to live in. Globalism relies on this notion, and expands every time we conquer or seduce a nation with the brew of democracy, consumerism, civil rights, and entitlements that afflicts the West.

In doing so, we are subjugating others through passive means. We export to them our dysfunction under the guise of a beneficial economic system, and then rope them into being along with us on a ride to decay and decline. At that point, we are supporting each other like guilty addicts who are friends because they do not criticize each others’ addiction.

Consider the second world war. Germany was the last holdout against world Leftism, so the snowball named “we” rolled in and conquered the place, then forced it to adopt our broken system. Now Germany is a major trading partner and has the same rotted cities, violence, internal conflict, and neurotic behavior as America.

“We” implies a necessary cooperation. Americanism and globalism prove to be the same because each forces more people into this “we,” which both requires them to debase themselves and to go along with whatever the rest of our dysfunctional nations are doing. Misery loves company, and we have co-opted them in our path to collapse.

As it turns out, civilization is like digestion: a dangerous process that requires a fine balance. Too much civilization and many who should not survive because they are incompetent actually survive, and then they take over through democracy or socialism or another method of the egalitarian Left.

Globalism extends this civilization process — which is now in its decay phase — to the entire Earth so that we all go down together. Globalism ends when people lose faith in it, and they are doing so in droves without even consuming any Right-wing propaganda. This is how globalism ends: a giant shrug and slow backing away.

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