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What is white identity and why does it matter?

Identity refers to the group for whose interests a person is willing to die. Composed of a mosaic of overlapping religion, ethnicity, culture, race, class, and “elective identities” like social group or personal interests, identity proves more complex than ideology, which is a yes/no proposition. You either support equality, or you do not, and since no context is named, it is assumed that you are speaking in a universal context such as “all of humanity” or “across the universe.” Identity asks what is best for your people, where ideology asks what all people should do.

Our current time lacks even a basic vocabulary to understand identity. If you stand up for your minority group, you are seen as working against bias which naturally arises from having a majority group create a nation-state and then administrate it. That group organizes the country around its own practices, calendar, values, classes, standards, cuisine, goals, culture, language, customs, and heritage. In order to accept minorities, it drops the heritage requirement and allows other cultures their behaviors as well, resulting in a culture of no-culture that “agrees to disagree” as the basis of its unity.

Coming from this background, few of us know how to understand identity. As a perceived majority group, we have never had to select an identity; we just did what everyone else did. In a relative universe, we can only tell what practices are cultural instead of pragmatic when they clash with what “everyone else” is doing. This means that we must rebuild our identity from a generic state that overlaps with consumerism, economics, politics, and religion. The last thing we should consider doing is to impose a false identity like that of ideology.

For this reason, “white identity” does not exist; however, white identities in plural do. We have our originating heritage, which tends to be consistent among Americans and divided into three major Euro-regional groups: Western, Southern/Irish, and Eastern. We also have American regions, such as the South, where people possess their own culture and social order. We are many, but we share a common goal: ending diversity and allowing nationalism, or each civilization being defined by one ethnic group, to be the new guiding principle of human political existence.

White nationalism got nowhere for seven decades because people did not want to be generic whites. Even more, every group wanted to exclude others, whether that was WASPs keeping out the Italians, Jews, Irish, Greeks, Poles, and Gypsies, or the East Coasters wanting to keep us grubby Southern and Midwestern “dirt people” out. The only reason “white nationalism” rose during the Trump era was that the media used the term for the Alt-Right, which was more an anti-diversity and anti-Leftist movement than anything else.

We cannot afford to let our enemies define us. To the average Leftist, we are all white and should all die so that Leftism can resume demographic replacement and fundamental transformation of America so that it will exist as a perpetual Leftist state (and fail just like every other Utopian equality experiment). To non-whites, we are all white. To ourselves, we are different tribes, and we can unite under the banner of Europe, calling ourselves Euripids and pointing out that we have both a shared heritage and a divergent one.

Each group can work with all others, since we agree on a basic plan: gain power and remove the threat to our survival known as diversity, then rid ourselves of the associated support structure including affirmative action, political correctness, civil rights, feminism, and the welfare state. Ultimately we will have to replace democracy because, since democracy and Communism are both subsets of egalitarianism, a liberal democratic society will inevitably and unstoppably drift Leftward until it arrives at totalitarian egalitarianism, also known as “Communism.”

When people talk about “white identity,” they are adopting the language of our opposition. We have no single identity; we have many, but we have a common cause. This is enough to unite us, as we once fought together against threats like Mongol and Islamic invasions, and we will fight together again to avoid having European-ness and European bloodlines extinguished from this Earth. This rejects the idea that “we are all one,” whether within a race or outside of it, and replaces it with the notion of identity itself, with each tribe standing alone but in alliance with related tribes.

Originally from Pendulum.

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